6 Easy Ways to Use Peacock Feathers at Your Wedding

Peacocks are beautiful, graceful and majestic birds. They also symbolize vibrancy, glory and royalty. Using peacock feathers is a great way to bring color, beauty and elegance to your Indian wedding. It also brings a unique feel to your wedding celebrations.

This week we are rounding up six simple ways to incorporate peacock feathers in your wedding decor and event.

Monogrammed Letters 

Try this fabulous DIY for spelling out the bride and grooms names or anything else that goes with the theme or your wedding, like LOVE or ISHQ or MOHOBATTEIN. It’ll give your décor that special touch. (PS: If you like the idea of adding an Indian touch to your decor with words, check out this post)

Place settings

Have simple but elegant place settings at your reception dinner by using the colors 

of the peacock and a single feather.

Grooms Attire

Get your groom into the peacock theme with accents in his wedding attire such as a 

tie, vest, boutonniere or even cuff links.


Bring out your inner peacock with these gorgeous ways to incorporate the peacock 

colors in your wedding make-up application. This would also be a really fun look for bridesmaids if the bride doesn't want to go so bold with her look. 

Bridal Bouquet

Adding the colors and feathers of the peacock into your bridal bouquet is another great way to incorporate this elegant theme into your wedding. 

Peacock feathers are a great addition to your wedding decor. Here are six easy ways to incorporate them into your wedding decor.

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