How to Have an Intimate Indian Wedding?

We know you probably cringed at the thought of this one. I mean, was there ever an Indian wedding where scores of people from either sides of the family don’t have a dance off? What’s an Indian wedding without crowds waiting to be fed selectively hand-picked Indian delicacies? And yet, if you are planning on having an intimate ceremony, whatever be your reasons, we get you.

These days, more and more young couples choose to tie the knot and a ceremony that’s not as extravagant, but is certainly as cherishable and memorable. If you are one of those, but don’t know just how to go about it, check out these simple ways that you can have an intimate Indian wedding!

gautam Khullar

Gautam Khullar Photography

1. Simplify

First and foremost, simplify things in your mind! Be clear on the things that you want for your wedding- these don’t have to be fancy things, but neither should you cut down on certain elements simply because you think they’re OTT. Just make a list of things you want and that’s half the job done!

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2. Pay Attention to the Details

You might think an intimate wedding is easier to organize than a full-fledged one, but think again. When you organize a wedding for a handful of people, you might have to be more balanced in your approach. While you shouldn’t splurge, strive to give your small guest list a luxurious affair!

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Naman Verma Photography 

3. Entertainment is Key

This is perhaps gold for those looking to have an intimate wedding. Remember that since the people at an intimate wedding probably know each other, it is a great opportunity to have some amazing entertaining elements that a close group can enjoy thoroughly. These can be fun mehendi dance-offs or ‘Who Knows the Bride Best’ quizzes that are as fun to plan as they are to play!

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4. Personalize!

With the extra dough on your hands, you might as well treat your guests to the best wedding of their lives! Think of personalizing their hampers, and give out gifts that you are certain your guests will  love. And trust us- the love you give out will find its way back!


5. Have a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding might be well worth considering, since you will have a bigger proportion of your budget to spend. If you are looking for a destination wedding with smaller numbers of guests, check out hotels that give out deals for such parties. You may be able to score a sweet deal while keeping it lush and compact!



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Ministry of Memories

Your focus should be at making your Indian wedding intimate yet memorable for all the guests. Here's how in 5 steps you can make it an intimate affair.

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