How to Have a Bollywood Themed Indian Wedding

Ever considered having a Bollywood themed Indian wedding? Whether or not you and your partner are movie buffs, our bet is that you’ve gotten along together watching a nice Bollywood flick at some point in your lives. Yep- Bollywood is everywhere. And if you thought your wedding could escape this part of your life, you might just want to have a rethink!

Bollywood isn’t just the big screen anymore. The power of Indian cinema has reached every part of the world and you should be ready to embrace it too! If you’re considering what you can do to have a Bollywood themed Indian wedding, read on!

indian bollywood wedding

1. Definitely have a Themed Party!

This is perhaps an essential to a Bollywood themed wedding. Have one occasion where everyone is required to dress up as their favourite Bollywood actor. This might be a good idea if you have lots of relatives and a big group of friends. It will be even cooler to watch your relatives compete to dress up the best! Perhaps you could consider organising a small catwalk for everyone to showcase their outfits!

bollywood wedding

2. Take Inspiration!

There’s no harm doing some research, fellas! Try checking out some online resources for Bollywood themed weddings. Most of these will have life-size cutouts of actors and actresses that you can also have printed and displayed at a photo booth. After all, there’s nothing like being clicked with iconic stars you haven’t even met!

3. Make Sure You’re In the Spirit!

What’s the point of a Bollywood style wedding if you don’t embody the spirit of cinema? We suggest you and your partner perform a medley of hit songs from your favourite movie or era. Try and incorporate different elements into the medley- make your audiences laugh, cry, and everything in between- and you’ll have the time of your life preparing for this!

stories by radhik joseph

Stories by Radhik Joseph

4. Go Slow on the Tear-Jerkers

You’ll notice that a Bollywood wedding is all fun and laughter. We say you keep the mood up and not let traditional ceremonies like the bidaai dampen your spirit. It might be a cool idea to rethink traditional ceremonies also, and perform them differently. Are you thinking of an baraat on a vintage car instead of a horse? So are we!

amit puri- vidaai

Amit Puri

5. Make Sure You’re Keeping Everyone in the Loop

This might seem like an insignificant point now, but it might be really odd for your guests to turn up and not know they’re at a Bollywood themed wedding! Try and keep everyone in the loop by sending out pre-wedding invites and making sure they reply in the affirmative. In fact, while you’re at it, you could think of some really cool Bollywood-inspired ways to break the news!

gala kuzyakova photography

Gala Kuzyakova Photography

6. Shoot a movie!

What’s a Bollywood inspired wedding without a movie?! Nothing! So make sure you and your partner are prepared to pose lots for the shutterbugs- and throw in a few candids when the camera persons are shooting. The movie is going to be richer and funnier the more you let go of your inhibitions!


How to host a Bollywood themed Indian wedding which is not boring. Here are 6 ways how you can have a Bollywood wedding.

indian bollywood wedding

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