How to Look After Elderly Guests at Your Indian Wedding

Everyone loves a good ol’ big fat Indian wedding- full with relatives you haven’t seen in a while and delicacies that linger in your tastebuds for years after. And what better occasion to bring together the young and the old than a grandiose Indian wedding?

It is not uncommon, these days, for older guests to feel left out in social occasions- and wedding are not immune to such soirees. Your grandparents and older relatives might be your source of strength, but you have to make sure they have a gala time at your wedding too- with or without you around! Here are some simple ways in which you can make your wedding an occasion the oldies will remember!

1. Spend time with them

First and foremost, if you haven't seen your relatives in a while, pop in to say hello! Of course, you are mighty busy just before the wedding, and the pre-wedding days can be hugely stressful for both sides of the family, but this is exactly why you should spend some time with the oldies and make them feel a part of the festivities. For starters, try and visit every older relative when handing out wedding invites!


2. Incorporate their Opinions

You may think your grandparents are dated with their age old ways of thinking, but there’s a bunch of wisdom lying in those veteran hearts! If you feel you’re in a fix (and you will, trust us!), simply head to someone you trust and you’ll find their opinions are worth their weight in gold!

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3. Plan Ahead

Plan especially for the older relatives. If you are getting married abroad, it is absolutely essential that you make their journey safe and comfortable. Remember that while you deserve the luxuries at your disposal, so do they! You might not even have to do much- simply book a day at the spa just for the oldies and you’ll have a ton of blessings in return!

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4. Coordinate Events

Coordinate events according to your relatives’ interest. It might be fun to have a quiz night just for your grandparents to test their knowledge of how well they know each other! You could simply do this on one of the pre-wedding nights when everyone in the family is lazing around. Also remember to have a special time on the dance floor just for them, as they may feel too shy to shake a leg otherwise!

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5. Eat Smart

Be careful when you’re setting the menu. Oldies don’t always like to experiment with tastes, and sometimes, for them, a big feast means keeping it simple. And make sure you stock up on the classic traditional desserts!

6. Spread the Word!

We aren’t kidding when we say old people are among the most underappreciated in the family. Make sure your old relatives feel the love. You could do this by incorporating a speech at some point in the wedding. Make sure it's a little humorous, a tad bit funny, but overall, just express your gratitude and you’d have done more than they could ask for!


Make sure your older guests are comfortable at your Indian wedding. Here we share tips to help you ensure your elders are at ease.

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