Bridal Hacks Every indian Bride Needs to Know

Get ready to glow and dazzle for that one most important day of your life when the spotlight will truly be on you. No effort is too much for planning and preparing yourself for that exciting day. From exercising for a shapely, well-toned body; everyday skincare and beauty rituals; meditation and last but not the least a positive mental attitude to smile through the excitement of the celebrations! Indian brides, keep your checklist handy to glide easily through the days.  

Exfoliate your skin

The basic preparatory step in skin care-not to be undervalued by any means by Indian brides! Besides sloughing of dead skin, exfoliation helps your skin to glow and look polished. It unclogs pores and prevents the break out of black heads and acne. There are a wide range of exfoliators available –natural and chemical. However, it is sensible to take the advice of a skin care expert to choose the best one for your skin type.  

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Hydrate Your Skin Well

Besides improving cardiovascular health drinking enough water also facilitates weight management. It also reduces the secretion of oil and acne—a well hydrated skin looks soft, clear and supple. Water also eliminates toxins from the body and reduces puffiness and bloating caused by water retention.

An easy solution to eating right and staying hydrated is to liquidize your food. Smoothies made of fresh fruits and vegetables are an enriching source of nourishment for Indian brides besides facilitating weight loss and better absorption. 

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Moisturize and Massage

To offset the effects of harsh weather conditions it is important for Indian brides to keep your skin hydrated enough. Not only does it keep the skin soft but also reduces the fine lines caused by dryness. A lightly formulated baby oil may be used to massage one’s face in gentle strokes. It improves blood circulation, relaxes and tones the facial muscles. Using DIY masks is also a good idea- the basic rule is whatever you eat-apply on your face . To retain moisture use a silk pillow as cotton tends to absorb moisture from the face.

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Hair Care Routine

An excellent hair care routine is to massage hair gently with warm coconut, almond or olive oil. A final beer rinse can work wonders for your tresses. Ensure a sufficient protein intake for hair and nail care. Buff and use a nail and cuticle cream especially at night. 


Exercise and Meditate

After all the self-help to prep yourself, follow up with a light exercise regime ,a sunscreen with an apt SPF is a must before stepping out, it could be jogging, skipping or yoga-- which gives an added benefit of meditation. It helps to calm the nerves, improves emotional health and promotes positivity.

All taken care of! What are you waiting for — the countdown has begun. Walk the red carpet like a beautiful princess!

Here's an Indian bride's checklist to glide easily through the wedding celebrations & days that follow.

indian bridal beauty

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