5 Trendy Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for Indian Brides with Thin Hair

Deciding the right wedding hairstyle may seem like an overwhelming idea for Indian brides with thin hair. However, it is one significant aspect of your bridal look which demands as much importance as choosing your bridal lehenga. 

Our Suggestion: If your hair is extremely fine (thin), it is best to opt for a simple hairdo. A hairdo where you do not have to worry about your locks going limp. By simple we do not mean the bridal updo has to be boring. We have 5 trendy bridal hairstyle suggestions here which might make the task simple:

1. Open Flowy Curls and Waves

The untied and unknitted hair have a potent to add to your natural charm. We understand it’s your big day and you want something more than the casual waves. Hairstyle has to be a benchmark in itself while at the same time should complement your super charm of the super day. Curl them, choosing from the many variants of curls to add volume and give it a kindled touch by fixing those beautiful adornments.

open hair

hitched and clicked - open hair

Hitched and Clicked 

2. The Voguish Sock Bun

Brides getting their hair styled to form a bun has still been in trend and has become a ritual. Who doesn't want to have an added royal touch, while an added advantage of perfect hair which doesn’t need the regular intervention of your busy hands. Don’t you worry, your thin hair strands will not be a hurdle if you go for a sock bun and will not make the attendees admire you even a little less.


sock bun hairstyle

3. The Puffy Puffs

The puffs can be the real gamechangers when it comes to the bridal hairstyles. Holla Cinderellas! Grab the chance of being in shoes of your charm holding childhood fantasy- the princess. It will be a great way to make your thin hair not stick your scalp and at the same time make you look the best version of yourself. Beware girls! It’s a risky game to choose the shape and size of puff so choose it considerably.

puff 2


4. The Loose Braids

Yes, trust us; it will be an awesome feeling when your loosely braided hair will sufficiently cover the coverable section of your head. You can spice it up by making any number of smaller loose braids picking from different sections which will finally form a part of the major loose braid. And yes, adornments are welcome.

braid - nida rahman

Nida Rahman

braid -2

Siddharth Desai

5. Gajra Covered Bun

Gajra covered bun has to be in the list while talking about these highly recommended hairstyles. The gajra will cover up your whole bun and will give an impression of well volume hair. This traditional hairstyle is a go-to-option when your head is muddled with the numerous risky options.

shot stories by varun suresh

Shot Stories by Varun Suresh

5 Interesting hair updo options for Indian brides with thin hair.

bridal hairstyles

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