5 Important Eye Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

Eyes speak volumes. Especially on your Indian wedding day when it has to do all the talking, it is really crucial to embellish your eyes while keeping that natural gleam alive. For such an important day, with so many things to get worried about, it really becomes difficult for Indian brides to give due importance to their eyes. So, let’s delve into the basic ritual that can help you take care of your precious eyes and let them do the talking on your big day.

Power of a Sound Sleep-

A deep and sound sleep is irreplaceable. It plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is the time when your body starts its natural healing and replacing process. So, just start today, if you haven’t already to make your body habitual of a good timely sleep. Keep a track of your sleep patterns and try getting a 7-8 hours’ sleep. Sleep in complete darkness and don’t let the buzz of your techno apparatuses affect you in any way.


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Moisturizing is Miraculous-

It is very essential to pay special attention to moisturize the areas around your eyes.  This area is particularly sensitive, so does it need sensitive care too. There are plenty of options available in the market, choose your fit wisely. Its always preferable to go for natural, ayurvedic solutions which do not contain those harsh chemicals. If you don’t want to opt for it, you can also use natural oils like coconut cold-pressed oil or sesame oil.


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Groomed Eyebrows and Thick Eyelashes-

Eyebrows shape your face or in a way your whole personality. It makes a huge difference to your appearance if you have them arched, defined and full. If you are going for threading or waxing, ask the person to be cautious while doing it, as sometime their little mistake can make us pay hefty compromise price for it. Eyelashes beautify. If you don’t have those thick long eyelashes, try dabbing them with a good quality mascara or go for those lash extensions.


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A Good Kohl and a Mighty Eyeliner-

A good black kohl is most powerful of all. There are many styles of applying it, choose the style that compliments you well. It has been known as an eye treasure from ages immemorial. It is really crucial to invest in a good kajal. There are variety of kohls available in the market. Choose your pick well, because it also has the power to deteriorate the whole makeup by smudging and vanishing. Experiment before the big day. If kohl pencil doesn’t help you attain that desired perfection, try the variants of studio kajal. For the upper eyelid, use some waterproof eyeliner. Here, you can try different colours that goes with your outfit or go for that never disappointing, evergreen deep black.


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Good Food and SMILE!

Above all, eat healthy and be happy. Always remember whatever goes inside shows outside. Remember to instil your eyes with that confidence and smile with those eyes. Go and rock your show and let the eyes do all the talking.


Top 5 tips for Indian brides to take care of their eyes and make them stand out on the Indian wedding day. START the routine right away!

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