Tips to Save Big on Your Mehendi Ceremony

We’re pretty sure one of the less attractive things about an upcoming wedding is the big bucks spent on the different functions. The mehendi, sangeet, engagement and reception are not unnecessary events organised around the wedding, but traditionally hold significance that is rooted in the past as well as the culture of the present. Understandably, it’s difficult to do away with these functions. Plus, they’re also so much fun!

So what can you do to tone down and save big on a function without completely eliminating it from the wedding checklist? Here are a few ways you can make your mehendi ceremony a money saver, without giving up on all the fun you have.

1. Simple Venue

By organising a mehendi function at home, not only are you cutting down on the huge amount of money you’ll spend on a fancy venue, but you’ll also successfully have a close knit function that promises to be all the more fun! Look for options around the house- the terrace or a front lawn is the perfect place for such a function- that won’t cost much to revamp. A casual affair is the way to go for a mehendi ceremony!

The Wedding Co

The Wedding Co

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2. Home-maid!

Employ family members to do some of the work- not too much, of course. Even hiring a halwai for the event instead of a fancy caterer will save you quite a bit. The point is, keep it casual and assign simple tasks to your relatives that they won’t crib about, but that will make them more involved!


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colorblind production

Colorblind Production

3. Club It!

This is a common hack, and for good reason. Clubbing two functions together is the easiest way of not compromising on the extravagance and having a grand affair for two functions!

Clubbing the sangeet and mehendi ceremony is your best bet, since both are low key functions involving close relatives and require, more or less, similar stuff: some music, delectable food, and a space for the bride to sit. Respective variations can be added, like the mehendi, or the function can be a longer one, separated by the bride’s change of clothes!

Colorblind Productions

Colorblind Productions

It might seem like a stretch, but it definitely is worth the moolah to cash in on the functions. Not only will you come out lighter on the pocket, but the stress of organising an event is minimised!

Here are a few ways you can make your mehendi ceremony a money saver, without giving up on all the fun you have.

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