The Essential Guide to Muslim Wedding Rituals & Customs

Muslim wedding traditions are elaborate and bounteous, just as big fat Indian weddings of different ethnicities. Here are some of the important rituals and ceremonies that are part of Muslim Wedding celebrations

Salatul Ishtikara

This is the official announcement of the impending wedding where the Imam seeks Allah’s blessings for the bride and groom’s wedding. 

Imam Zamin

The pre-wedding ritual follows the Salatul Ishtikara. The groom’s mother visits the bride’s home and presents her with sweets and a gold/silver coin, wrapped in silk. The silk potli is tied to the bride’s wrist and marks her acceptance to the groom’s family. 

Imam Zamin


This is the typical engagement bash where the bride and groom to be exchange rings, while friends and family shower them with wishes and gifts.


This ceremony is the Islamic counterpart of the Indian Haldi ceremony. The bride and groom wear yellow clothes, are covered in a paste of turmeric and sandalwood, and then bathed in holy water. They are not supposed to leave the house until the wedding day after the Manjha. 

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This is an important ceremony where typically a relative of the bride draws beautiful designs on the bride’s hands and feet with henna. The groom’s initials are hidden in the design, which he needs to identify on the wedding day. 



This is a unique ritual where male members of the groom’s family visit the bride’s home with sweets, gifts, and the bridal outfit. This rituals signifies the men’s support of the upcoming wedding. 


This is a merry ritual on the wedding day where the groom is escorted to the wedding venue in a decorated car. He is surrounded by friends and family, and is welcomed into the wedding arena by the bride’s relatives.

Welcome Ceremony 

The groom is welcomed into the wedding arena with a cool drink which he must consume in the company of the bride’s brother. He is then sprayed with ittar or rosewater and then escorted to the stage. 



This is the pivotal wedding ceremony which is performed by a Maulvi. The groom’s family offers the bride Mehr, in order to seek consent. This is followed by the Ijab-e-Qubool where both bride and groom have to recite their acceptance “Qubool Hai” thrice, in the presence of the Maulvi. The Nikah Nama is next where husbandly duties and wifely responsibilities are recited in the presence of witnesses. The official wedding contract is signed, and the marriage vows are read from the Quran. Finally, the elders bless the couple in a ceremony called Durud. 


Arsi Mushraf 

During the Nikah, the bride and groom are separated by a veil called Hijab. They finally get to see each other using a mirror in this ceremony. 


This is like the Hindu Vidai ceremony where the bride bids farewell to her family. The beautiful m then departs and on arrival at her new home, has a Quran placed on her to signify her duties as a wife. 



This is basically a Reception party to denote that the Nikah is done. Gifts are exchanged and lavish food is served to guests. 


Let's talk about muslim wedding traditions in detail. Muslim weddings are as grand as Indian weddings with a whole lot of traditions and rituals.

muslim wedding

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