15 DIY Decor Ideas for Non Crafty Couples

Not every couple is bubbling with creativity or even too motivated to do up their wedding decor. If you’re one of those fuss-free couples that doesn’t want their wedding planning to be a part-time job, and would rather lounge around couches together than fret about a thousand little decor details that people seem to care too much about, sit back and relax. We assure you, you can pull off a seriously gorgeous venue with minimal effort. So while sipping on a glass of wine read on for these tips and tricks to the perfect wedding decor ideas, custom made for lazy couples!

1. Wall Picture Gallery: Everyone loves looking through photographs. Take some of the memories you have made, print them if you only have digital copies and make one entire wall of picture gallery. Put them up tastefully. You can paint some hooplah rings and stick one picture per ring. Hang them up using brightly painted nails and your cool photo-wall is ready!



2. Chalk Board Wall: Have an entire wall painted black and make it your graffiti central. Draw, write and doodle. Let guests do that when they come over too. Play pictionary or other games using your chalk-board walls. It is the perfect decor idea for people who want to keep it cool. What's cooler than your own graffiti wall?


Photography by With Love, Nilma

3. Bottle Candle Holder: This is the simplest creative hack ever. Take an old empty wine bottle and stuff it with cute candles. You have a lovely diy lamp all ready to be lit the next time someone comes over! You can innovate further and paint or decorate the wine bottle. 

bottle candle holder

Photography by Woodland Wedding

4. Fairy Lights: Ah! There are so many ways to put fairy lights to use. You could hang them onto the trees, on the back of stage as a curtain, in a vase for centrepieces, and so on. We love the way they have been tied onto the trees with the beautiful genda phools complementing them. This one is an easy to do and so damn ROMANTIC. 

fairy lights

Photograph from Megha and Shravan's Wedding

5. Flowers Popping Out of A Jar: Easy and pretty, what do you think? Well, this one is definitely going to spruce up your wedding, especially the morning ones. Just pick some fresh flowers and put them into old jars and you are good to go! If you like, you can decorate jars as well!   

jars with flowers popping out


6. Kaleere Hung From Tree: Want a shiny and sparkly decor at wedding? Well, kaleeras have been used as a decor element lately, in fact they are being used on a lot of weddings. Bring some pretty kaleeras and hang them on an open space in your venue. 


Photography by Happy Flashbacks Photography

7. Cute Chair Tie-ups: There's so much you can do with waste jute pieces. Just the two ends together and make a knot. It will give a ribbon like feel. Deck it up with some cute flower strings and the chairs would be set. Imagine how much you can save on here!

chair decor

Photograohy by Altair

8. Guest Seating: Organise your wedding seating arrangement with an easy to do naming system. This is going to draw all the eyes, yet be cost-effective!

assign a seat

Photography by Our Labor Of Love

9. Photobooth Corner: A look at it and you might be wondering oh, this is expensive. Why is it here! Well, this is an easy to do photobooth with wine bottles, candle holders and mason jars being systematically put over wooden cartons. You just need some common household items and you are good to go!

photo booth

Photography by Celebrate Once

10. Cans and Ribbons = Lots of Fun

You need lots of cans and colourful ribbons to pull this decor idea. It's pretty simple to pull and even a lazy couple can do this in an hour with the help of their friends. 

Ribbon Wall

Photography by Vintage Nutters

11. Umbrellas Hung Upside Down: Chandeliers are a passe. You don't need to blow up your budget instead opt for relatively inexpensive art hangings i.e. umbrellas for DIY decor. And how beautiful do they look!


Photography by Occasions

12. Bottle Lamps: This one is pretty easy too. Old empty wine bottles, clip on chandelier shade, and a bulb is all you need to put this together. It'll look awesomely well on your cocktail party. So put your old wine bottles to good use. 

BOTTLE FOR cocktail


13. Pin Wheels in Jars and Vases: Easy peasy!

pin wheels

14. Mason Jars with Flowers: You can offer a vintage look to your Indian wedding by placing mason jars as the centrepieces. Decorate these jars with cutesy ribbons for the perfect look. 



15. Kites, Bangles, Parandis, and Genda Phools: What a pretty sight! Just put together all the stuff - kites, bangles, and parandis together - to rock your wedding or mehendi function. kites

Photography by Robin Saini

These decor ideas are so simple that even if you are artistically challenged, you'll manage to get it right. Go ahead and try these!

15 DIY wedding decor ideas that you can pull out easily without fuss


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