Indian Wedding Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas

I am blessed to have so many amazing sisters, cousins and girlfriends in my life. And because of that, it made it hard to have "bridesmaids". I decided to keep my wedding free of that role, so it wouldn't get awkward when half the party was considered a bridesmaid. Now that I see how beautiful and fun the trend of an Indian Wedding Bridesmaid is, I sort of have bridesmaid-envy!

Here are a few fun ways to propose to your girls:




Balloons are an inexpensive but creative way to "pop" the question!


You can never go wrong with some jewelry! For some more inspiration, check out: Jexshop


I'm an old-school stationery lover, so I'm always a sucker for some sweet cards.

You can purchase this on Etsy.


A nice pendant could work, too!

Another Etsy item.


This pendant lets you include personal messages of your choice! A fortune you can keep forever!

Also available through Etsy.


You can never go wrong with a box of your favorite things! I'm a huge fan of care packages.

This BuzzFeed article has some good ideas.


A personalized wine bottle (or bottle of anything sparkly and festive) will always be put to good use!

Bridal Guide has some more options, too!


A monogrammed keepsake bag from Veeshee (filled with or without goodies) is also an excellent option to use to help you propose to your ladies.

Whether you're a DIY girl, or want to purchase some jewels, there are many fun ways to propose to the best friends a girl can ask for. You'll always need them by your side- especially on your big day. Be sure to take good care of them!

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