7 Hot Styles an Indian Groom can Don a Safa

Grooms, listen up! Were you mistaken in the belief that only your lovely lady needs to be excited about the itty bitty details about the wedding? Uh-oh. These days not just brides, but weddings themselves are becoming focal points- what you wear on your wedding day matters! But do you know what matter even more? How you wear what you wear. Imagine the most stunning Nehru jacket, but if the fitting sucks, so does the entire look!

So make the most of how you dress on that special day- you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

When it comes to chic outfits for men, we put our finger on a good safa and we love it! Safas became popular up north in India, but you’d easily find them down south these days too- yep, that’s how popular they’ve become. And what’s better is that with the influx of wedding designs all around the world, you can find a safa right from Australia to Canada- go on, we dare you! If you’re planning on donning a chic little safa on your wedding day, we’ve got your back. See how you can make your safa story a special one with these 7 hot ways to don a safa!

1. Power it Pink

We adore pink- don’t you? For weddings that happen during the day, pastels sure are a safe bet to ensure that you look on point with the time of the day and with the trends! Pastels are known for their soothing and calming effect and make for the best accessory to a day wedding (or even a mehendi ceremony!). For a regal touch, throw in a jewel or two to a pastel safa and pair it with a cream bandhgala. Sigh.

ArtCapture Productions - Pink

ArtCapture Productions


2. Shine Through

Safas are best seen traditional, but here’s one way you can up them a notch- have a safa made in metallic. While you might nod at this, thinking it’s too bold an option, trust us when we say bold is better. We suggest wearing a metallic safa for the evening, or when there’s going to be a lot of dancing!

metallic - Ashwin Kireet Photography

Ashwin Kireet Photography

Metallic - Karan Sidhu

Karan Sidhu Photography

3. Sunny Side Up

This is another favourite- a bright yellow safa, to go with a kurta-pajama, or with a bandhgala in almost any colour. Bright safas are our favourite of all cheerful outfits- go experiment! Be it a day event or one at night, you can try and tweak the colour according to your preference. These days it is easy to find dyers who can dye cloth to a scary level of accuracy!

sunny side up - shutterdown

Shutterdown Photography

4. Bejewel!

Bejewelled safas are what we call our own princely look. You can get a bejeweled safa readymade from a store, or you could also have it embellished according to your own wishes. Be sure not to overdo it though- we suggest a couple of try-ons with the entire outfit to keep the look from being OTT.

ram bherwani weddings

Ram Bherwani Photography

bejewelled - time shutterz

Time Shutterz

5. Traditionally Charming

Keep it minimal, keep it traditional, keep it classy. Don a safa that’s made of khadi cotton, or one with a cream base and sturdy fabric- brocade and silk would do just fine. The idea is to make it look earthy, perfect to don during the day.

traditionally charming - dipak studios

Dipak Studios Photography

6. Feather Fetish

If feathers are your thing, this is your lucky day. Safas and feather are like peanut butter and banana. Add a touch of brilliance to your safa by pinning a feather (or two!) to it. Make sure you don’t overdo it- you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention!

Hong Photography

Hong Photography

7. Starry Sarpech

A sarpech is a brooch, only for a safa. Sarpechs come in all sizes, colours, shapes, and can instantly liven up your safa. Throw in a sarpech to make your safa look like a regal accessory. We suggest you match your sarpech a little to make sure it complements your partner’s outfit and viola!


Sassy and stylish Indian groom safa styles. See how you can make your safa story a special one with these 7 hottest ways to don a safa!

groom safa

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