Make Teal Your Something Blue This Wedding Season

Weddings and pop hues go back a long, long way. Whilst many a modern day couples have accustomed themselves to going au traditional on their weddings, there exists a whole lot that opts for the not-so-subtle ways of popping bright, unusual colours at weddings- there’s the whole range from the teals and the greys to the fuschias and the cobalts. If you are getting married soon, we can bet you’ve been bombarded with the traditional palette of reds, oranges and pinks. Be it the decor or your wedding trousseau, traditional hues have always made the cut for desi and fusion weddings.

But if you’re looking for fresh way to perk up your wedding, or simply feed your penchant for the quirky, we present to you the colour of the hour- teal! The soothing shade draws its history back to some unusual romances on the cool colour palette- blue and green meet a tinge of grey and teal makes for a dramatic entry. Vivid and calmative, teal makes for a great accessory to brighten up your wedding. Here’s how!

1. Teal and Coral Decor

If you are sure you can steer clear of the typical hues, consider this upbeat and quirky combination for the decor at your wedding! While the two shades are often paired for daytime events, we suggest opting for darker hues should you want a bright, lively decor at night. The two go well at beachside weddings and can instantly cheer up a glum, hungover bunch! If you do wish to balance the two, for fear of setting the colours off their already-bright mark, try throwing in a bit of white at the base and then play around with your palette!

Lin and Jirsa

Lin and Jirsa Photography

2. Favours You’d Want to Teal!

No matter what your party favours, you can think about throwing in a bit of teal to break the monotony of colours. Think little cupcakes and cake pops with a silver and teal icing. If you’re being extra meticulous, customize the tiny bites with the initials of your guests and you’ll see them beam like children with fistfuls of candy!

cupcakes and cookies - favors

3. Shaded Itineraries

Are you worried about letting teal steal the show? Simply let go of the darker hues and opt for a shaded-down version! If you want, you can incorporate the colour scheme in your wedding itinerary- just make sure the background of the card fades into a white on one side and into a darker teal on the other. The white will offset how striking the teal appears at an initial glance and the overall effect will be more soothing.

Party Invite Cards

4. Bridesmaids in Teal

If you absolutely adore the colour but have chosen not to opt for a wedding dress in teal, simply make it the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses! Teal makes for an elegant and classy gown, but we suggest you experiment with the kinds of combinations your friends can don with it- a teal dupatta in net with silver hand-embroidery, anyone?!



5. Teal ‘Em Shoes!

This can be your little secret- if you are sure you can don a pair of stilettos in teal, opt for a pair that’s versatile enough to be worn otherwise. We’d also suggest browsing some cool shoe accessories in teal- there’s a whole bunch you can choose from these days!- so you can buckle on and knock them off after the wedding. Simple, stunning, and efficient!

Teal’s the real deal this wedding season. Be it your man’s bowtie or the little pin-up on your chignon, make friends with this cool blue because it’s here to stay!




Here's how you can use teal in your Indian wedding ceremonies. From decor to wedding couture, incorporate teal in your wedding festivities.

teal indian wedding

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