10 Stunning Palkis & Raths to make a Killer Bridal Entry

We all grew up being told stories of how the ancients ruled- majestic chariots and raths feature in almost every folk fairy tale there is. Which is why, when weddings became the next big thing in the country, everyone rushed to get themselves a grand entry on a palki.

Needless to say, the entrance you (and your significant other) make to your wedding says a lot about the entire event. Not only is it an eyeball-grabbing, show-stopping venture, but it has taken over the creative imaginations of event planners and brides and grooms alike. The result? Some of the most gorgeous entrances in weddings that we can’t get enough of! From the mundane bike rides to the energetic bhangra entries, here’s something we wait the entire length of the wedding to swoon over!

If you are interested in making that grand entry on a palki like a royal, here are things that you can ensure to make that entry the most talked about bridal entry in town! For every bride’s heart that wants to make that stunning entry on a gem studded palki, we have a pro tip, curated by the specialists. Read on!

1. Enter in Style in a Chriot

BS photography - chariot

BS Photography

chariot - happy flashbacks

Happy Flashbacks

2. Float In

Celluloid Weddings - boat

Celluloid Weddings

3. Beautiful Antique Palki Decked with Flowers

floral palki - royal affiar

Royal Affair

4. All Floral 

Infinite-memories- flower child

Infinite Memories

5. Lotus Shaped

lotus shaped

Syed Noor Photography

6. Floral Chandelier on Palki


Hitched and Clicked

7. Vintage Style Palki

Recall Pictures - vintage

Recall Pictures

8. Minimal Palki with Curtains

shutterdownphotography-minimal palki

Shutterdown Photography

9. Sparklers and Cold Pyros 

Studio Finesse - Sparklers

Studio Finesse

10. Just the Traditional Palki

traditional - rahul de cuna

Rahul De Cuna Photography


Here are 10 recommendations for making a killer Indian bridal entry.

bridal palki

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