Live Event Painter - Indian Wedding Idea

I recently attended a charity event and was impressed by a live painter who was on the stage painting the image of the event. It was a showcase, actually- to see the progress of the painting and it was a unique idea that I thought would be amazing for an Indian wedding. I did some digging and found a few images that I loved. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you use a live painter for your event:

  • Ensure that the entire process from start to finish is showcased! It's really fun to see how the artist does his/her job.

  • Make sure the canvas size is large enough for people to view and if it isn't, then make sure there's a projector screen so the guests can watch the progress.

  • Ask the artist to bring the right equipment. People will come over to see what he/she is doing and there may be accidents. Make sure the area is covered and safe for your guests and vendors.







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