Brilliant Wedding Invite Hacks Every Bride Should Know of

It doesn’t matter how much you plan to spend on the wedding, there are some things that just don’t warrant a puffed up budget and wedding invites are among those! Perhaps some of the most fancy wedding invites are the ones that employ thick ivory paper and have the most skilled calligraphers doing the writing, but keep in mind that there are invites that can look just as pleasing, minus the big bucks. 

While wedding stationary has built itself a spot in the world of wedding shopping, there are quite a few alternatives for when you wish to trudge an offbeat path on the invites. If you think you can afford a few non-traditional elements to your wedding, and would like to explore your options, have a look at what you can opt for, when it comes to wedding invites!

1. Go local

One of the best hacks that brides agreed to was going local when it came to their invites. Not only do the invites turn out to be super cute and artsy, they become a canvas for the arts and crafts of the place you’ve chosen to get married at. This way, they also substitute for a memento! Getting hitched at the seaside? Get a seashell themed wedding invite and see how your guests lighten up when you hand it over! 

Glitter Kode

Glitter Kode

2. Think Big

For some reason, the invites do become a huge part of the Indian wedding as a whole. And for good reason! Think of your invites as a teaser for the wedding- maybe keep the decor in mind when you splurge on the designs. If you aren’t entirely sure at this stage, however, take baby step instead. Planning on having a minimalist one? Get a minimalist invite- it’ll save you trouble later!

Customizing Creativity

3. Buy a PDF

Come on! We heard you cringe all the way here! PDFs are a cute way of announcing the big news while also saving on a lot of paper. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out some graphic designers who can get you an invite of your choice without your having to look too far. What’s more, with online designing, you can peruse a number of options at leisure before settling for a favourite! Who thought shopping for invites could be this couch-easy?


4. Go Personalize!

If you are the kind that can handle some hardcore personalization, then opt for wedding invites that have you and your partner with a creative story to go with it! A good designer should be able to give you more options when it comes to how you can spin the narrative in the invites, but remember that the story is yours! Go for delicate caricatures of you and your partner and if you wish, choose from pre-made ones online. Remember to go through the blueprint a trillion times to avoid any kinds of errors, and have your partner study it at length to avoid last minute blunders!

5. Go Template it!

Choosing from pre-made templates is a good option if you’re planning on rushing through the wedding invites. Understandably, a lot of couples are not all that excited about the wedding invites when there’s so much more that’s screaming for their attention- did someone say wine tasting?! If you think you’d rather skip the queue and settle with a foolproof invite, book early and find a designer whose works fits your requirement. Once you’re sure about a design that could go well for your invite, simply have the details sent out and sit back- the rest will be done! Templates are the easiest, sureshot ways of having an invite made in time!

template wedding invites

A traditional wedding invite or a contemporary one? Well our guide can help you decide which wedding invite to pick.

wedding invite

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