Pre-Wedding Beauty Essentials for Indian Brides

In the frenzy of the days leading up to D-Day, it’s easy for most brides to forget their routine beauty appointments, let alone the luxe bridal ones! But we all know that bridal glow is essential to look every bit the gorgeous bride you are. And thankfully, beauty salons and makeup artists offer discounted packages on bridal beauty treatments if booked in advance. So not only do you save some dough, but you also have a pre-booked appointment you can’t miss! Girls, here are some essential bridal beauty treatments you should go for before the big day!


1. Get your Facial

Facials are just that pick-me-up your skin needs to glow. Opt for facials that come with a natural ingredient, as these are less likely to cause rashes and breakouts. We recommend getting your choice of facial done a few weeks prior to your wedding day, so that any allergens can be detected.

2. Visit the Derma

Pre-wedding planning can result in visible signs of stress on your face. Crows feet, dark circles, breakouts and dull skin are some of the most commonly seen signs of stress. Visit a dermatologist frequently before your wedding day and devise a plan to keep that dullness away. If needed, the dermatologist may also prescribe a few multivitamin pills to make sure your skin gets all the nourishment it needs.

3. Get Waxed in Time

Your waxing appointments should be scheduled well in time- procrastinating will only lead to more stress. Plus, any redness and swelling will subside by the day of the wedding. Chat with your salon and book an appointment for a full-body wax, so that the attendants have enough time to give you.

4. Spa for your Hair!

Most young brides forget to care for their hair in the midst of all that running around. Make sure that you are in charge when it comes to haircare. A regular hair spa is an absolute must. Opt for the rejuvenating kind, which come with full blown massages- not only will your hair look fab, but the massage will calm you down as well!

5. Scrub Away that Grime

Body polishing is an absolute must for brides! Skin appears polished and rejuvenated only when it is free from all dead skin cells. A good body polishing package will make your skin feel softer and will soothe any irritation. Opt for body polishing packages which come with long, relaxing massages.

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6. Pearly White Care

Neglecting your teeth in a pre-bridal beauty regime is a crime! Yet, most brides do forget to book that appointment with the dentist in the frenzy. A good laser whitening session will make your teeth appear brighter, whiter and shinier and will last way longer than a toothpaste, gel, or cream.

7. Makeup Trials

Girls, listen up to this one! Getting that pre-wedding makeup and skincare trial is absolutely necessary. No, you cannot skip it! You skin’s compatibility needs to be tested with the products you’re going to be slathering on it. Make sure you book an appointment with your makeup artist well in advance for a trial.


Girls, here are some essential bridal beauty treatments you should go for before the big day!

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