Being the Bridesmaid: Detailed Duties You Have Signed Up For

Of course, your BFF and you have probably fantasised about your (or her) wedding since times immemorial! Perhaps the best part about having your BFF as your bridesmaid is that she understands you, and she knows exactly what you need and when you need it. But be warned- sometimes the wedding glitz might sway her and you may find her dancing away the night when you need her to hold your dress for you. So here’s a fully furnished list of to-dos for your BFF bridesmaid that’ll help her-- and you- navigate a perfect wedding!


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Pre-Wedding Shopping

Pre wedding shopping is probably one of the biggest headaches you’ll ever have- but it’s also one of those times you won’t get to relive again. So make sure you have your BFF around to guide you around couture decision she knows you’ll regret later. From the wedding lehenga to the sangeet jewellery- rope her in and demand her advice whenever you need it. Make sure the final decision is yours, though. There’s nothing worse than being gloomy and sulky on your wedding day!

Organise Away!

This is perhaps where you could best use your BFF. Have her help you organize things the way you want. This can range from the tiny things like makeup kits and bobby pins, to the bigger details like invites and accommodation. Just be sure enough of what work is assigned to her- you know her best too!- so give her work you know she has a knack for.

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Bachelorette Bash!

This one goes without saying, of course. You are number one bridesmaid, your BFF has to organise your bachelorette party. This is the one night you get to put your feet up and relax, so leave this one to her. Trust her, and she’ll prove your friendship’s worth!

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Nourish the Soul

Brides often get panicky before the wedding and can begin to under or over- eat. The bridesmaid’s number one duty is to ensure the bride is glowing on her wedding day. Making sure she drinks enough water and eats enough nourishing food, and not just the junk, is one of the most important duties of a bridesmaid.

Mood - No- Swing

The bride has a good chance of losing it on her wedding day. She’s under pressure and can snap at any time. The bridesmaid needs to ensure the bride feels relaxed. Even if the bride loses her temper, it’s alright. That’s what the BFF bridesmaid is for! You know what to do or say to make it all better.


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On days like the mehendi and sangeet, the bride will get a lot of calls but probably won’t be able to answer them as she’ll have mehendi on her hands or will be attending to other things. So carry her phone, wallet, purse or any other things she needs to be carrying. Answer her calls if she needs you to. You might not realise this, but this will be of huge help to your beautiful BFF during her wedding!


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Drinking Scene

You cannot get drunk! This is the big day of your BFF's life and you need to be there around her all the time. You cannot get tipsy and sleep, leaving your bae in desperate need.

Put Your Dance Shoes On

You cannot act pricey and avoid dancing as it is your BFF's wedding. As soon as the music starts, get on the dance floor and break a leg. In fact you should be the one encouraging other guests to come on the floor and dance along! It's your duty to make it one big, happening night for your love. 

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Surprise Her

Goes without saying, your BFF is going to love any little surprise you plan for her. Be it a small video about memories of you two or a heartfelt letter. You must leave no stones unturned to make it the best day of her life. 

Provide Emotional Support

Even when the planning process is going on, be by her side and make sure you give her the support she wants.


Photograph by Dipak Studios

The essential checklist of duties of a bridesmaid

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