Top 5 Bhangra Songs To Play At Your Wedding

In today’s day and age, wedding ceremonies are fancy business. Where earlier people were excited about dressing up and the free food, now the focus is different. Guests and relatives just want to have a good time and make the night a memorable one for the bride and groom. After all, how many times do you get to see your friends and family dancing with complete abandon, creating and patenting bizarre moves? Only at weddings! And what better music than some racy bhangra songs to get the party started? Here are 5 bhangra songs that just have to be there on your wedding play list.

1. Mundiya Toh Bach Ke RahiThis classic bhangra number by Panjabi MC is great to get people going. Fun yet not too fast, it’s perfect to set the ball rolling! Have this playing and watch the seniors sneak onto the dance floor to begin with their endearing antics. If you have a good DJ, he’ll probably throw in some awesome effects and pauses to please the youngsters too.  

2. Angreji BeatHow can we talk Punjabi songs and not put on some Honey Singh? This song can be the precursor to all the angrezi beats and dance divas who’ll soon be in action. No one can resist this song so play it when you see the dance floor empty. Do not get alarmed when you see almost your entire guest list rush to the dice.  

3. Dil Le Gyi Kudi It doesn’t matter if the bride isn’t Gujarati. Dil Le gi Kudi Gujarat Di is going to have to play at the wedding. With Jasbir Jassi’s voice, some crazy beats and a bunch of excitable wedding folk, this song can really up the humour quotient on the dance floor. You are sure to spot some pseudo-aashiqs getting all riled up about a (possibly fictional) Gujarati dame.  

4. Ishq Tera Tadpave – This is the ultimate bhangra number which will bring out the Punjabi jatt in all men and women too. You will never have seen a crowd yell the pointless, wordless yet most important “oh ho ho ho” with so much gusto. Sukhbir probably never realized he was making a wedding party staple when he recorded the song, but boy are we thankful to him or what!

5. Balle BalleYou’re probably wondering which Balle Balle song we’re referring to. This is the one from Aishwarya Rai starrer Bride and Prejudice – perhaps the only redeeming aspect of that movie. This is an upbeat song which will capture the fun, flirty vibe of wedding-related merriment. This can be the breather after everyone’s exhausted themselves with all the “oh ho ho ho”! 

Here's a list of top Bhangra songs that you must have on your wedding playlist.

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