So You Think You Want a Million Dollar Wedding?

{IWS Note: We are excited to bring blogger, Miss Indian Bride, on board to share her years of wedding planning experience with you. There is nothing she hasn’t dealt with, and no wedding planning topic she doesn’t have a strong opinion on! Get ready for her highly candid tips.}

This post is inspired by all you show offs that keep writing to me about extravagance.  You don’t want to plan the wedding; all you want is for someone to make it the talk of the wedding blogs.

Besides the obvious, here’s what your planner will need:

1. Mehndi Party: Do not have a mehndi party in the basement of your home. You’ll need to rent a tent for your 10 acre back yard, and drape it with dozens and dozens of yards of fabric. If you’re having the party in a 5-star hotel, throw in a dozen colorful gazebos. Don’t forget lounge furniture from places like, colorful pillows, and hookahs. A mehndi artist or four would be a great touch, too.

2. Elephant: In case a horse and carriage is too understated, you can opt for a decked out elephant like the ones rented at

3. Bling: No less than a 5 carat diamond ring coupled with equally expensive wedding jewelry? I’m positive your parents know a major Dubai or Mumbai based diamond jewelry designer. For the not so connected, check out Mumbai based Tanishq, Farah Khan Ali, Varun D. Jani, Mirari, Gitanjali, Amrapali or Ganjam.

4. Designer Attire: Haute couture, baby. The elitists go to Manish Malhotra, Prriya and Chintan, Payal Singhal, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahiliani, Manav Gangwani, or Neeta Lulla.

5. Wedding: Weather permitting, have the wedding outdoors overlooking a body of water. No ponds- lakes and oceans, only.

6. Pyrotechnics: Indoor pyrotechnics like the services provided by, are a must.

7. Dance Floor: Bring the disco to your reception with LED dance floors. Your DJ should have a reliable vendor that can source to you.

8. Bars: For the cocktail hour, the sky is the limit when it comes to bars. Indulge your guests with Martini bars, Cappuccino bars, Tropical Cocktail Bars, etc. You get the idea.

9. Centerpieces: These must be tall and out of this world. For the reception, I wouldn’t pigeon hole to an Indian decorator. Try branching out to a vendor that specializes in floral décor. You’ll end up spending at least a few hundred each on centerpieces, but it’ll be worth it if you’re looking for something unique.

10. Reception Seats: White satin chair covers with fat bows are archaic. Take five minutes to google your options at sites like Ditto with linen - don’t skimp by opting for the complimentary white or ivory.

11. Escort Card Table: Ditto number 9. Go with a floral decorator to spice up this table. This is the first aspect of the reception your guests see, so make sure to jazz it up.

12. Live Music: Don’t forget a live instrumental group thrown in somewhere amongst the cocktail hour and reception.

Oh, and don’t forget an amazing photographer who can submit your glorious images to the wedding blogs!

How much do you LOVE the ridiculous Shilpa Shetty image?

So You Think You Want a Million Dollar Wedding?

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