Offbeat Pastel Trends for Indian Weddings

You know pastels are in season, but did you wonder beyond the run-of-the-mill designs you see in Manish Malhotra collections? Of course, from the most stunning lehenga skirts to delicately studded saree blouses, to even carefully crafted and suavely adorned sherwanis, pastels have taken the world by storm. And while the fashion police all over the world has embraced the soft palate with open arms, there might be a bigger trend lurking in the background, waiting to be heard- offbeat pastels.

Move over everything you know about powerful pastels- from the most seemingly insignificant bouquets to the upholstery, wedding decor has taken a new turn for good and pastels have lead the change. Not only do these soft colours lend an authentic spring vibe to anything they touch, but they’re also soothing and have something so sixties about them! So if you want to incorporate pastels into your wedding, but are unsure of how to go about it, read on to see how offbeat pastel trends can perk up your wedding.

1. Saffas

Saffas are the traditional headdresses men don on weddings, and are usually red, maroon, or a shade of the same family. While saffas have taken on a new turn, and can now be found commonly in a pop pink hue, pastel saffas have yet to be explored. For weddings that happen during the day, saffas in a hue of pastel blue or pink are our favourite because they add to the light summerish vibe at the wedding without disturbing the colour scheme. For a nice regal twist, get a feather attached to the head of pastel saffas!

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2. Carnations

Usually bright and cheerful in colour, carnations are perhaps a florist’s fantasy when it comes to weddings and for good reason: they’re elegant and classic, and can liven up an otherwise drab decor. For outdoor weddings, we suggest opting for carnations in a dusty pink or violet that can lend the event a boho chic vibe whist complementing the sunset really well!

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ArtFoto Studios

3. Candles

Think candles in light shades adoring the centrepiece of every table, perched unperturbed on an off-white table cover. You might be surprised at how simple yet complete this simple decor hack can be. This is a special bonus for the budgeting couples- simply opt for extra swanky candles while you save up on the rest!

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4. Mandap

Of course, a mandap in pastel shades is a tad bit much right? No! For an offbeat ceremony, consider getting a mandap that’s decorated in pastel hues with the upholstery and staff to the flowers and seats. We imagine a setting by the sunset, where the traditional bright maroon of the mandap does not offset the beauty of the setting sun. Another favourite when it comes to a pastel-decorated mandap is the beach alongside it- think the iridescence of the horizon juxtaposed with a pale mandap and you’ll swoon like we are right now!

mandap - Elements Celebrate

5. Cake

Of course, a wedding cake grabs eyeballs as it’s wheeled in on it's fancy stand! If you’re willing to go the extra step, consider a cake decorated with pale frosting. Whether or not you have a sweet tooth, you’d love to jump into this one. If your cake is a simple layered one, you could consider having flowers in silver frosted onto the edge. However, if a multi-layered double decker cake is your choice to dig into, think about exploring a different pastel hue with every layer! Some of the most elegant wedding cake, however, can be minimalist and yet impressionable, so take your time to pick one that tastes as good as it looks!

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How to pastel pretty your Indian wedding 2018. Know what elements to add to make it stand out.

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