Brilliant Add-Ons to Make Your Indian Wedding Unique

We know the one desire every heart harbours when it comes to their wedding- a desire to be unique, to be exquisite and special. Which is what a few easy additions to your wedding can give you. Talk to your wedding planner and you’ll see how easily these add-ons can make your wedding one to remember!

1. A Bachelorette Party

Every bride deserves to have fun. And that’s exactly why a bachelorette party tops the list. For years, men have had bachelor parties that they can’t stop obsessing over. Ladies, listen up! It’s time to up the ante and have some legendary bachelorette parties.

Fotowalle - bach


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2. Mehendi Favors

Mehendi ceremonies are, hands-down, the most exciting function to attend with food, dance, music and games that you can’t get enough of. Handing out mehendi favors is our new favourite idea. Let your guests have a day they will never truly forget by gifting them cute personalised gifts. We personally dig cookies with colourful frosting which has mehendi designs on it, and gota patti earrings, but there’s no dearth of options!


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3. A Grand Couple Entry

We absolutely swoon over couples who enter together. Apart from a sense of completeness and togetherness, couples who enter their wedding together somehow manage to put everyone at ease. Dance in together, or ride in on a bike- do what you love, and you’ll shine through it!

Badal Raja Company

Badal Raja Company

4. Watercolour Invites

We loves understated invites, but that’s not all you can get with these. Apart from summerish invites, watercolour invites can also sport some gorgeous themes! Explore your options and you won’t be disappointed.

watercolor invites

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5. A Wedding Website

Everything’s moving online- why shouldn’t your wedding? You’ll have a virtual space just for your wedding- a space that’s organized, maintained and informative to your guests. What are you waiting for?

indian wedding website

Talk to your wedding planner and you’ll see how easily these add-ons can make your wedding one to remember!

Badal Raja Company

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