15 Ways Indian Brides Can Rock a Maang Tikka

While bridal trousseaus are nothing without heavy silk sarees and a traditional polki set, there’s more than meets the eye when it come to completing an Indian bride’s personal look. Check out how these different kinds of bridal maang tikkas can go with a plethora of outfits! You practically have a horde of trinkets to choose from!

Evergreen Jewellery Options for Indian Brides

Chaand Tikka

A chaand tikka is traditionally worn as a heavier accessory. Made of pearl and polki embellishments, this sleek maang tikka comes in a round shape- hence the name, meaning moon.

chaand - mehar photography

Mehar Photography

chaand maang tikka - cool bluez

Coolbluez Photography


Favourite among Marwari brides, the borla is named after the jujube fruit, or bor. This simple yet stunning maang tikka can be paired with heavier jewellery as it is not massively heavy in itself.

borla - we the fashion blog

Solitaire Maang Tikka

A maang tikka made in solitaire is not only chic and sophisticated, but is very modern in it's look and can add just that special dash of colour to your outfit.

diamond - coolbluez

Coolbluez Photography

Crescent Tikka

A maang tikka in crescent looks delicate and charming. This is our go-to look for a girly bride!


Single String Maang Tikka

A single string maang tikka looks gorgeous paired with a heavy chiffon dupatta, thanks to the weight it adds to the look.

single string

Multiple Strings

If you want to go big on your maang tikka, try opting for one with multiple strings lining your forehead. This is definitely a heavier look, and we’d highly recommend this for the wedding outfit!

three strings 2

three string

Two-Stringed Maang Tikka

Don’t worry about having hair accessories in there as long as you have a nice double stringed maang tikka.

2 string - chocolate box

Chocolate Box

Kundan Maang Tikka

A piece in kundan is charming, elegant, and you can’t go wrong with this!


kundan - coolbluez

CoolBluez Photography

Minimalist Maang Tikka

One for the minimalist bride- here’s to keeping it short and simple!

simple tikka

single string


A passa is perfect for the playful bride. Go for intricate one with multiple beads!

passa - coolbluez

CoolBluez Photography

Pearl Maang Tikka

This elaborate headgear echoes Mughal designs and is perfect for Indian brides who love royalty.

mathapati - coolbluez

CoolBluez Photography

Round Maang Tikka

Especially stunning on brides with bigger foreheads!

round - roshan studios

Roshan Studios



South Indian Matha Patti

An accompaniment of temple jewellery, this matha patti is intricate and perfect for day time events!

south indian - happy shappy

Happy Shappy

Maang Tikka With Charms

These intricate and maang tikkas come with tiny charms embellishing the strings, and are traditional yet young!


Ananya Rijhwani

Gold Matha Patti

A matha patti in gold is for those who wish to be au traditionale! Opt for embellished ones if you want to stir up your look!

gold mathapati - happy happy

Happy Shappy

Hairline Hugger

This kind of matha patti is best if you wish to make your hairline seem even. If you wish to go for a daintier one, make sure it is sturdy enough to hold its place!

hairline hugger - Vision Series Production

Vision Series Production 

Indian brides love wearing bold and gorgeous maang tikkas. Here we share 15 maang tikka styles which Indian brides can don on their wedding day.


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