7 Awesome Bridal Lehenga Hacks for Winter Indian Wedding

It is officially shaadi season and here at home that means colder days and opulent fabrics, gorging on ghee-fried delicacies which you only come around to once a year, and of course, velvety hues everywhere!

Our favourite bit about the winter Indian wedding season is perhaps the no-sweating, and the makeup staying on perfectly for hours! Which comes with it's own issues, however. Wearing a full sleeved, high neck blouse is not everyone's cup of tea, but so is freezing to death in your usual skimpy stuff! If you want to avoid shivering through your Indian wedding pictures, read on for how you can opt for warmer styles without compromising on your signature trousseau!

1. Opt for Warmer Fabrics

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to opt for fabrics that are made to last through the weather. Velvets are always in- try and choose styles that are trending in the season. Other fabrics that are super warm and luxurious are pashmina, silks, and some kinds of thick khadi cotton.


2. Choose Full Blouses

Of course, it's your wedding day, and you want to go for a super sexy backless blouse, but just here we’d recommend you choose full sleeved blouses instead. It might be worth a try to substitute the sleeveless with a sleeved blouse, and go for a backless blouse. By making these small tweaks, you could end up with a blouse that both warm and doesn’t dampen your sexy spirit!

full sleeve aviraj saluja

Aviraj Saluja

3. Hide the Warm Stuff

A good idea is to wear your thermal leggings under your wedding lehenga. This is one of our go-to hacks for weddings. Plus, if you think it gets too warm, you can always sneak into a washroom and take them off without having to think much about how it may change your look!

4. Opt for a Lined Blouse

The chest area is perhaps the most important to keep covered when you’re exposed to the cold. It might be a good idea, therefore, to get a warm fabric stitched onto your blouse to keep you warm. A cloth that isn’t too bulky, yet is warm enough, should do the trick. Remember to have multiple fittings done before the D Day!


5. Cape It!

Capes and jackets are so in vogue, you’re going to love having a sequinned overcoat with your blouse. Make sure your style doesn’t sit too heavily, as it can make you look bulky!

winter bride

6. Dupatta All the Way!

Block out the chilly winds by layering dupattas. Picking two dupattas has become more of a norm. You could choose one with thicker fabric and wear it across the shoulders. 

bridal lehenga

7. Think about your Footwear

Make sure you keep your feet warm and that should solve your problem. Instead of open shoes or heels, pick juttis that will still make your SWAG on point without making you freeze. 

payal singhal


Your winter Indian wedding calls for an immediate action taken on what lehenga you'd be wearing. Here are some hacks that can help you stay warm during the wedding.

winter bride

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