5 Must-Haves in Your Indian Wedding Photoshoot

Hiring a reliable photographer with decent credentials is an absolute must, but even the best photographer can sometimes glance over what you might personally want from your wedding photoshoot. Here’s the real deal- make sure you have in mind all the elements to your wedding that you want to be covered by your photographer. From lip syncs to wedding trailers, we’ve got them all listed for you!

wedding photoshoot

1. Wedding Trailer

A wedding teaser is the perfect build up to your wedding. It's the first glimpse of your preparedness, and it sure sets the way for your guests in tow to gear up for the extravaganza! Most wedding teasers are also glimpses into your story as a couple, and what this wedding means to you. If you want to make your wedding teaser more than just a bunch of photos, interviews from your family and friends are the perfect way to do so!

wedding trailer

2. Save the Date

A Save the Date invite has become essential these days. Gone are the days of pre-globalization connectedness, where everyone who had to be at your wedding was a few minutes’ walk away. Plan your Save the Date such that it doesn’t involve a big cost of printing, but make sure that you don’t cheap out and opt for ones that look gaudy!

save the date

3. Lip Sync Mash-Ups

Lip dubs are the new craze in Indian wedding videos, and how! Apart from the more formal wedding movie, you should opt for a lip dub movie if you want the fun parts of your wedding to be captured on video! Simply gather your relatives, practice a few times before the D-Day, and get going!

lipdub - coolbluez

CoolBluez Photography

4. Pre-Wedding Getup

An Indian bride’s vanity room is one of the most precious elements for the wedding photoshoot. Not only is she getting ready for a big day, she is surrounded by family and friends there to support her. Make sure you get some clicks of when you’re getting ready!

getting ready 2

getting ready

5. Wedding Video

The least we say, the better, right? The wedding video is the finale- a panoramic view of the extravaganza that ensued in your wedding affair. Make sure you hire a good video editor to capture and edit this- its the biggest token of your wedding, after all!

These are the 5 crucial elements for your Indian wedding so it stands out. Make sure you includes these 5.

wedding photoshoot

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