Tips To Plan A Kickass Destination Bachelorette Party - On A Budget

Is your friend getting married soon? We bet you know the pressure of making sure she’s alright- from keeping her stuff together to making sure she eats! But when it comes to planning her bachelorette party, you can’t afford to let her down. And if you think your job is tough because it’s a destination wedding, listen up! You can actually make her bachelorette party one to remember WHILE on a budget. Too good to be true? Read on for these super saver tips!

1. Skip the Fancy Suites

Believe us when we say this is where you save your big bucks. Instead of those fancy suites, opt for something more casual and you’ll see how much money you were throwing away for a room! We suggest you do some research and look into local pubs and restaurants that you can book for the night!

Morvi Images Photography

Morvi Images Photography

2. Shop Local

When it comes to drinks and snacks, the best thing is to BYOB- Bring your own booze! Check out local groceries and liquor shops instead of having the hotel serve you.

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3. Plan the Day

This one’s super important, so listen up. While abroad, it’s always a good idea to host a party on a weekday, rather than on a weekend. Yes, yes, we know. You hate the idea of hosting a party on a weekday, but this could actually help you save lots while booking or renting a place!


Wedding Nama

4. Camp Out!

For those gorgeous locations, we suggest the gang of girls take a camping or hiking day off! Pack enough of the good stuff, and you have a mini vacation right there! Make sure you avail discounts on booking tickets for group!

going bananas photography

Going Bananas Photography

5. Game On!

Sing and dance for her, plan fun games and make sure she doesn’t stop laughing! You know her best, take advantage of it!


6. Keep the Bride in Loop

She would love the surprise. But she would also appreciate you discussing the idea with her so that only limited guests make it to the Bachelorette. It would be easier to decide per head cost for everyone!

tuhina chopra

Tuhina Chopra Photography

7. Make a Budget

And stick to it! Set up a proper budget and see what contribution each friend needs to make. 

wedding nama

Wedding Nama


Is your friend getting married soon? Read on for these super saver tips for planning a bachelorette.

tuhina chopra

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