7 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Whatsapp Indian Wedding Invitation

When everyone around is going agog over your wedding day, why not satiate them with a howling WhatsApp invite? The disappointment of having your friends, relatives and acquaintances far beyond the actual reach is dispiriting; but hey stop! Remember we are and will always share a virtual roof with them. Design your Indian wedding day’s e-invitation in such a way that it shakes and challenges your creative potential to do ‘the best’ doable and spic-and-span, and while you do that just keep these 7 things in mind.

Avoiding Generalization.

The market is floating with general stuff. The presence of creativity speaks volumes and so does its absence. Don’t fear the experimentation and be experimental in terms of design, language, and colour. It is the tone setter for the attendees, so why not it be the reflection of all the energy and sparks the you and the function holds?

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PowerPoint Presentation/Image/Voice Recording/Short Movie.

When innumerable options pop up out of the sky, one always ends up being befuddled. Be clear as to which among the following options works the best for you and then choose your fit wisely. Also, keep in mind the people who will be a receiver of it. A subtle image invitation may  be the best for your formal relations while a lively video will be a requisite to thrill your family and buddies.

Don’t Make it too Bulky.

Don’t pour too much content as it may spill and deteriorate the overall appeal of your Indian wedding e-invite. Too much content makes it prone to monotone and monotone makes it prone to ignorance. Because we know, it won’t be at all pleasant if the receiver will keep it aside to read it later when they get time.

see me wedings

See My Weddings

Don’t Just Forward.

With technological advancement comes a few unwanted, extra tags- the game spoiler ‘forwarded tag’ in WhatsApp. We know it’s a tedious task to send personalized invite to each and every contact but it’s worth doing it this way.

Adding Personal Touch.

You don’t want guests to feel like a part of the crowd. Do you? We know that it’s difficult to address everybody distinctly while sending the invite, but it’s worth to take up the pain to show your people, how much you want them in your Indian wedding day celebration and show that you love, care and value them.

Snap 361

Snap 361

Avoid typos and Pass the Test of Grammar Nazis.

With such busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, it is normal to see a reflection of it. With that, typos and ‘predictions gone wrong’ and grammatical errors may happen. So, lets proofread it and serve to all our loveliest peeps by serving them with the possible perfection.

Not Following Up.

There might be people who aren’t using WhatsApp or might have deleted their account. It may get really ugly when the person to whom you have sent the invite haven’t actually received it. So, without further ado, remember to follow up and if you see any such thing happening, reach them with some different medium.


Take a look at some of the Points to be pondered while sending your Indian wedding day’s e-invite. Just don't make these mistakes.

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