Indian Destination Weddings In Cancun: Palace Resorts Vs Hard Rock (Part 2)

The internet can be a chaotic place. If researching your dream destination wedding makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry, you’re not alone! The innumerable options and cacophony of information on the web can come as a rude shock. Fortunately, we are here to help you make sense of the situation.

Moon Palace Indian Wedding

When it comes to Indian destination weddings in North America, Cancun is the place to be. A lively Mexican city on the sunny Yucatan peninsula, known for its pristine white beaches and vibrant nightlife. Cancun has a plethora of luxurious resorts and hotels offering a range of packages specifically tailored towards prospective wedding couples and honeymooners.

Of the resorts competing for your attention, the two names that stand out the most, are the iconic Moon Palace and the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. Check out Part 1 of Palace Resorts vs Hard Rock to know more about the complimentary wedding packages offered by these two resorts.

While it is clear that both resorts are comparable when it comes to their amenities, a deeper look into the intricate details can give you the clarity you need.

Moon Palace Cancun

Moon Palace Resort

Hard Rock Cancun

Hard Rock Cancun

Here’s some more information that might help you make up your mind:

How close is the nearest airport?

Location can be a key factor when it comes to determining your choice. You wouldn’t want to land at the Cancun International Airport only to find out that you and your guests are all set for another mini-adventure just on the way to your hotel. Fortunately, when it comes to both the Moon Palace and the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, you need not worry.

The Moon Palace is a secluded oceanfront resort that spreads out over 120 acres of tropical paradise. The 7-mile ride from the airport to the resort should take you only about 15 minutes. It needs to be noted however, that the resort itself is not located in Cancun, but approximately 8 miles outside of it.

Cancun Airport to Moon Palace

The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun is built on the beachfront, roughly 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport. The 11-mile journey will take you into the heart of Cancun’s busy hotel zone, with close to 100 hotels lining a thin strip of land.
The Sun Palace and Beach Palace sister resorts are located on the same strip as the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. The Hard Rock Riviera Maya and the Playacar Palace however, are farther away; roughly 50 miles from the Cancun International Airport. If you are planning to reserve your wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya or the Playacar Palace, you can choose to fly into the Cozumel International Airport and take the ferry to Playa Del Carmen instead.

What about shuttle services?

A shuttle ride from the airport to either resort should cost you approximately $30 (≈39 CAD) per vehicle. A trip down to the Hard Rock Riviera Maya or the Playacar Palace on the other hand, will end up costing you close to $80 (≈104 CAD) per vehicle.That being said, once you are at the hotel, shuttle services are still essential, particularly at the Moon Palace. A lobby-to-lobby shuttle service runs 24 hours a day at the Palace Resorts. You can also avail scheduled shuttle services to their sister resorts, the Sun Palace, Beach Palace, and the Playacar Palace, completely free of cost. Make sure to be on time as this service is purely on a first come, first serve basis.Shuttle services are unfortunately, not included at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. But there is no need to worry! Just fill out our contact form and we can help sort out your airport transfer for you!

I have a huge guest list! Which resort do I choose?

First let us get something out of the way. If you are looking for a small, intimate hotel for yourself and your guests, these two options are not for you. The Hard Rock Hotel and the Moon Palace are nothing short of extravagant when it comes to luxury and sheer size.

indian wedding cancun

Needless to say, they are extremely well equipped to accommodate both small and large wedding groups effortlessly. With exclusive group benefits tailored for larger guests lists, these are the resorts of choice for couples looking to celebrate their dream Indian destination wedding in Cancun.

The Moon Palace has upwards of 2400 rooms including presidential suites and villas. It is safe to say that you will not be running out of space here, even with a guest list of epic proportions! Make sure to confirm your bookings well in advance though, as the Moon Palace usually sees a high demand from wedding planners and tourists alike.

When it comes to capacity, the Hard Rock Hotel doesn’t quite match up to the Moon Palace. The hotel still has over 600 rooms and should easily be able to entertain significantly large wedding groups.

Both hotels claim to allow for unlimited guests at wedding ceremonies. However, there might be additional costs depending on the total number of guests attending the ceremony.


What will YOUR Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

We'll help you figure out a ballpark budget for free. Just tell us a little about yourself and your wedding by clicking HERE.

Are there any additional costs for outside guests?

You will have to pay an additional fee for wedding guests staying off property. In both cases, you may purchase wedding day passes for up to a maximum of 20% of your guests attending the wedding. This means that if the total number of guests at your wedding is 100, only 20 are allowed to stay off property.

At the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, each day pass will cost you $111 (≈144 CAD) for adults and $54 (≈70 CAD) for children of ages 4-12. 

Wedding day passes for non-Palace guests are priced at $118 (≈154 CAD) per person. Access pass to The Grand at Moon Palace is $210 (≈273 CAD).

Want to know more?

As competitive as their offers are, both resorts have their own sets of pros and cons. Deciding which resort is the best fit for your dream Indian destination wedding can be a harrowing affair. Our Destination Wedding Specialists can help you find the perfect match. Fill out our contact form to start planning your dream destination wedding today!



Hard Rock Hotel Cancun vs Moon Palace comparison

- Location

- Shuttle services

- Guest capacity

- Fee for outside guests

- Conclusion


What will YOUR Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

We'll help you figure out a ballpark budget for free. Just tell us a little about yourself and your wedding by clicking HERE.

Part 2 of Moon Palace vs Hard Rock for Indian Destination Wedding in Cauncun


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