Indian Destination Weddings at Cancun: Palace Resorts vs Hard Rock (Part 1)

When it comes to choosing the location of your dream destination wedding, Cancun is the stuff of dreams. But even in Cancun, there are so many options available, that making up your mind can be a terrifying prospect. 

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Chances are that you’ve already started doing your research and are overwhelmed by the barrage of information raining down on you. Don’t worry. We are here to try and help you make sense of the madness. You can skip days and even weeks of obsessively scouting forums and review pages.

We aim in our series of blogs to be able to give you the information required to make the right decision for yourself on your special day.

Two names synonymous with destination weddings in North America are the Hard Rock Hotel and the Moon Palace Resort. These resorts are simply a class apart when it comes to their sheer size and the scale of their operations.

If you are considering either one of these two options, it is advisable to plan ahead and make your reservations well in advance. Their overwhelming popularity with tourists and prospective wedding planners alike, means that these resorts are likely to remain maxed out indefinitely.

When it comes to complimentary packages, both resorts do not disappoint. Complimentary packages mean that the wedding ceremony itself comes completely free of cost. You only pay for accommodation, for yourself and your guests.

Moon Palace

The crown jewel of the Palace Resorts franchise, the Moon Palace covers roughly the same area as the Cancun International Airport. The resort comes with its own 27 hole signature golf course. You can choose to avail a suite overlooking the ocean, the resort grounds, or the prestigious golf course itself. With its private golf lessons, exciting tours, a water park, luxurious spas, and an exuberant nightlife, the Moon Palace resort offers everything you and your guests could wish for.


When it comes to weddings at the Palace Resorts, you have a variety of themed packages to choose from. The themes differ in their location and décor and are inclusive of accompanying customizable services. 

The Palace Resorts group also claims to have specially trained and experienced Indian wedding planners. There are separate venues on offer for the wedding ceremony and reception with room for up to 300 guests.

The complimentary package at the Moon Palace is applicable with a minimum of 14 paid room nights. Here, room nights essentially imply the total number of nights all your rooms are booked for. You will have to pay a deposit of $250 (320 CAD) in order to confirm the ceremony. This deposit amount is refunded after the wedding, in case no additional charges are incurred.

You are also eligible for free hours of private events based on the number of room nights.

- 10 to 19 rooms (or 30 – 59 room nights) | 1 hour private cocktail

- 20 to 24 rooms (or 60 – 74 room nights) | One 2-hour private event

- 25 to 35 rooms (or 75 – 107 room nights) | 9 hours of private events

- 36 to 50 rooms (or 108 – 152 room nights) | 10 hours of private events

- 51 to 99 rooms (or 153 – 299 room nights) | 15 hours of private events

- 100+ rooms (or 300+ room nights) | Unlimited days of events

These private events include cocktail parties and dinner functions and can stretch no more than 5 hours per day.

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Palace Resorts offer complimentary Indian meals at all private events starting at 75 room nights, which is something to consider for those requiring Indian cuisine at every event. The all-inclusive menu has traditional Indian cuisine on offer with classic favourites like Chicken Tikka and Samosas.

Make sure to reserve all your wedding requests and inspirations a minimum of 14 days in advance of the ceremony, as any last-minute requests are sure to cost you extra. Special accommodations are even made for the Baraat Horse for the groom and mehndi, upon request.


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Hard Rock

True to its name, the Hard Rock Hotel is all about style and cosmopolitan flair. This beachfront resort is famous for its mega events and pool parties. The events are planned out well in advance and displayed on their website, so you can always include these in your itinerary whenever you plan your wedding.


Hard Rock offers tasteful and sophisticated wedding options paired with attractive group benefits tailored to suit an Indian wedding.

First up, you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit of $300 (390 CAD) in order to reserve and confirm the wedding date.

You are eligible to get free hours of private events based on the number of room nights booked.

 - 5 to 9 rooms for a minimum of 3 nights (or 15 – 29 room nights) | 1 hour private cocktail reception

 - 10 to 19 rooms for a minimum of 3 nights (or 30 – 59 room nights) | 2 hour private cocktail reception or dinner

 - 20 to 24 rooms for a minimum of 3 nights (or 60 – 74 room nights) |3 hour private cocktail reception or dinner

 - 25 to 74 rooms for a minimum of 3 nights (or 75 – 224 room nights) | Unlimited private events for up to 3 hours each day

 - 75 to 99 rooms for a minimum of 3 nights (or 225 – 299 room nights) | Unlimited private events for up to 4 hours each day

 - 100+ rooms for a minimum of 3 nights (or 300+ room nights) | Unlimited private events for up to 5 hours each day

Bookings of 225+ room nights will also earn you 14 complimentary nights of stay, which helps in case you have a fairly large guest list. If you are travelling from Canada, 225+ room nights will earn you 6 complimentary passengers (flight tickets).

Indian Wedding Hard Rock

Indian catering may also be included for bookings of 100+ rooms for 1 dinner and 1 lunch at the Hard Rock Hotel.

You can even add honeymoon packages to your wedding package to make it an all-inclusive experience. As with the Palace Resorts, make sure to reserve your wedding inspirations and any special requests well in advance so as to avoid additional expenditure.


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At the end of the day, whatever option you choose boils down to your personal preference and requirements. Both resorts boast of top of the line facilities and infrastructure that makes them extremely well equipped to cater to all your specific needs. 

In both cases, the complimentary packages include the all-important wedding photography and music. Both resorts also cater to any special requests that might stem out of the intricacies of a traditional Indian wedding.

Destination Wedding packages can get extremely complicated and our Destination Wedding experts can help you understand which plan works best for you and your needs. Reach us by filling out our contact form to start planning your dream wedding today!

All the information required to choose the right destination wedding venue for yourself on your special day.


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