Wedding Day Hair For the Dupatta Wearing Bride

I remember one of my biggest challenges when planning my wedding was trying to figure out how to do my hair. As a Sikh bride I knew I would be wearing a chunni during my Anand Karaj but wanted a hairstyle where I could easily take my chunni off after the ceremony for pictures without ruining my updo- no easy feat. Reminiscing about this tedious task resulted in today's blog post, hair styles that go perfectly under a dupatta and yet also stand alone as bride worthy!


This is such a classic look. She has some hair swept in the front giving her a glamorous look but has a midway bun in the back keeping it simple when it comes time to pulling the chunni bobbi pins out!


For the longer haired crowd a hairstyle like this would be fantastic. Under a dupatta it would stay very firm in tact but once you took it off your guests could wow at all of the hair bling!


Obsessed with this swept side fishtail braid. Perfectly loose on top for your chunni to sit but still have the dramatic look for your photographs.


This look resembled most what I did for my wedding. The classic high tight bun that lifts your dupatta up to give it dimension but also allows you room to make a statement with your matha patti!


Wearing your hair like this under the dupatta gives you the unique advantage of having the best of both worlds. At first glance you still have this volumonous wedding day hair but tucked back a little you see the dupatta hanging as a hair accessory of sorts!



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