8 Worst Wedding Catering Blunders You Must Avoid

At all weddings, the food served to the guests is a critical determinant of the event’s success. Indian wedding ceremonies are particularly buffet-centric since most guests are unable to even stay as long as all the rituals last. Their prime interest is to bless the couple, congratulate the family, eat their meal, and leave. Naturally, they expect a King’s meal for their effort, which makes good catering, an absolute must at weddings. Thus, if you are planning your wedding, make sure to avoid these 12 wedding catering blunders and keep your guests satiated and happy:

Menu goes unchecked – It often happens that people agree to their caterer’s suggestions regarding the wedding buffet menu without bothering to personalize it. This is a mistake that can lead to unwelcome surprises on D-Day.

indian wedding menu

Menu gets altered – Your wedding caterer also has a system by which a pre-decided menu is served on the wedding day. If you make last-minute alterations to the menu, it will certainly affect the caterer’s system and perhaps cause some issues. 

No trial tasting – Do not simply approve certain dishes for your wedding day. Make sure you also taste each and every dish that will be served on your wedding. You will then know exactly how each preparation will look and taste, and can make changes to that, if required. 

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Unfamiliar chef – Often, wedding caterers give the host trial tastings with dishes prepared by their best chef. On the final day, however, the catering may be handled by another chef. Avoid this eventuality by confirming which chef will be cooking at your wedding and sample his food. 


Exotic dishes’ overload – It is typically best to avoid having too many exotic dishes on your wedding food menu. The more you complicate it, the more chances there are of the catering service being unsatisfactory. 

Delayed buffet service – If the buffet is not served timely, many people may not be able to enjoy the feast. They may have travel plans or other reasons to rush home, and ideally, no one should go back unfed. Go over the timings of the buffet arrangements several times over. 

Quantity and quality – Sometimes, caterers compromise on the quality of ingredients to cut costs. At other times, your estimate of the required quantities is skewed. In order to prevent food quality/quantity issues, detail a family member to follow the caterer’s activities carefully. 


Lack of Seating – There’s nothing worse than the discomfort of eating delicious food while standing. Ensure that there are enough seating areas at your venue to avoid such hassles for your guests. 

Here are 8 Indian wedding catering blunders which you must avoid at all costs.

indian wedding menu

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