Destination Riviera Maya Indian Wedding by r5 Vibe

Anytime a Taylor Swift song is used as the background to a wedding video I am instantly hooked and this time was no different! r5 vibe just captured another gorgeous destination wedding in none other than the beautiful Riviera Maya. The cinematography, the weaving of the story, the slow motion landscape shots, everything was so perfectly put together!
A big congratulations to the bride and groom, Meenu and Raj!
Must See Moments:

  • The scenery and that beautiful car!!

  • Meenu and Raj hitting the beach in slow motion

  • Meenu's gorgeous jewelry (love that they captured it on a tree first!)

  • The nighttime beachside ceremony

  • The bride's mehndi on the pier!

  • Love the groom's cutout Achkin

  • The outdoor Anand Karaj ceremony- gorgeous!

  • The emotional doli

  • Meenu throwing Raj in the pool!

  • The bride and groom taking the elevator up to their reception

r5 vibe | Raj & Meenu | Wildest Dreams | Riviera Maya | Destination Wedding Highlight from r5 studios on Vimeo.

Destination Riviera Maya Indian Wedding by r5 Vibe

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