Indian Brides Are Shaking a Leg as They Get Ready and Breaking the Internet

While we know better than anyone how Indian brides are told to channelise their inner coyness on their wedding day, the kinds that would be so caught up with their dupattas that they’d forget to have fun on their own wedding are relics of the past! Indian brides these days know how to pack a punch and are making their significant others seriously rethink their strategies when it comes to all the hullabaloo at the wedding.

Which brings us to these insanely good videos of brides shaking a leg to some of the top notch desi tracks as they get ready to slay at their wedding! While some choose to do it as they’re being draped in their gorgeous silks, some more daring ones jig around with their makeup halfway done and that’s what we call a super bride! Whether it is a pre-planned spin or a totally impromptu one, the videos seem to be conveying a lot- these brides are here to stay!

1. This Bride Literally Broke the StereoTypes and Set a Benchmark! 


CoolBluez Photography

2. The Coolest Bride-BFF Dance 

3. Bride with the SWAG!

4. Go Ahead! Dance on your Favorite Track!

5. Her Moves are all sorts of Adorbs!

Indian brides are dancing their way to the mandaps and these impromptu dance acts are all sorts of adorable. Check these Indian wedding videos.

bridal dance

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