Bride Brigade: Tips for Your Dream Wedding Outfit

Every Indian bride dreams of splurging on that dream wedding outfit - one that flatters her curves, has a gorgeous colour, and is obviously, an overall head-turner! In that quest to find the perfect wedding outfit, many are lost, many stumble, and a whole lot of to-be brides are often so flabbergasted by the variety of options out there that they end up spending a bomb on something they don’t entirely love! And to avoid being caught up in such an unwanted situation, we suggest you arm yourself before you decide what you want to purchase and don on your special day. Here’s some tips and tricks that we’ve curated for you, so that you have the best of both- your own dream outfit, and one that’s on point with the current trends!


1. Don’t Carry Your Brigade With You!

It might seem nice to have your bride brigade give you support on the hot, tiring days that you go wedding shopping, but it might actually be counterproductive to your own desire to get a stunning outfit of your choice! Having too many people around means having too many opinions floated to you, especially when you don’t necessarily need them. Instead, pick a couple of friends whose choices you trust and who won’t shove their choices down your throat!

2. Befriend the Internet!

Thanks to the internet, you now have all kinds of latest Indian bridal outfit trends at the tips of your fingers! You can make best use of this by doing your primary research before making your trip into the crowded marketplaces where you plan on buying your outfit. This will also help you gauge your own interest and know your own taste before stepping out.

3. Keep Your Budget

This is one tip you’ll probably regret not knowing. Plan a budget, and stick to it. While most brides find it easy to conjure up a number that they plan on sticking to, a lot of them fail to stick to their budgets. Make sure you have an inventory of all major expenses for the wedding, so that you are reminded of exactly how much you need to trim on your outfit.



4. Don’t Try it All!

Again, the more styles you try, the more you will be confused by what worked best for you. Instead of going out and trying every Indian lehenga that comes your way, stick to the ones that are in line with your original plan of action. So if you have a velvet blouse with net sleeves in mind, steer clear of anything that screams otherwise! However, don’t be completely shut off- give yourself the choice to try something on only if it looks irresistible! This simple hack saves time, and a lot of energy!

wedding nama

Wedding Nama

5. Wear the Right Lingerie

Remember that your garments can make or break your outfit! Even as you venture for a trial, remember to wear some comfortable, yet well fitted lingerie. Nothing will be worse than an outfit that won’t sit well because you anticipated the undergarments wrong!

6. Click Photos and Compare

It is wise to click enough photos of when you are ready and wearing your dream outfit. Compare, if needed, only much later. Also remember to wear your outfit with your choice of shoes so you know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

7. Think Beyond Your Outfit

It is important to keep other factors in mind- such as your fiance’s outfit, the wedding venue, and the time of the ceremony. Neglecting either or all of these factors could lead to a disastrous outfit! Try and wear your outfit when you are most likely to wear it- if you’re getting married in the morning, make sure you try it at the time and see how the colours work!

Dkreate photography

Dkreate Photography


Here are some tips and tricks that we’ve for Indian brides for selection of the ideal bridal lehenga.

wedding lehenga

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