Belle Mer: A Longwood Destination Venue for Rhode Island Indian Weddings

We've got a breathtaking venue to highlight today courtesy of our Spotlight Vendor Belle Mer: A Longwood Destination. Situated in Newport, RI, Belle Mer's glamorous and contemporary aura provides the perfect venue for an exquisite oceanside wedding, cocktail party, or gala. Surrounded by over seven acres of manicured lawns on the edge of Narragansett Bay, Belle Mer epitomizes the Newport society experience.

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Belle Mer has long been the go-to destination for couples planning their traditional Indian Weddings on the East Coast. Known for their rich traditions and vibrant hues, these fêtes can be held for 3 to 4 days. These events are truly a feast for the eyes (as well as the stomach). That’s why Belle Mer wants to make it easy for brides & grooms to plan them. In honor of these gorgeous ceremonies, their Chef has created a brand new menu that presents Longwood’s take on Indian Cuisine. Introducing the new Indian Fusion Menu.

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"We’re seeing an increase in demand for Indian Weddings,” says Culinary Arts Director, David Blessing, “and we don’t limit ourselves or our menus.” The Indian Fusion Menu draws on the flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine, while incorporating New England’s best. The results are dishes that surprise and delight, including: Grilled Tandoori Baby Lamb Chops, Spicy Paneer Kabob, Palaak Chat Spoon, Vegetable Korma and Crispy Curry Basmati Rice Balls to name a few.


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To learn more about hosting your special occasion with Belle Mer: A Longwood Destination, or to learn more about their Fusion Indian Menu, contact them today!


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