New Jersey Guyanese Wedding by NYNJ Photography

Happy CineMonday! We're bringing you a jam packed wedding video today where the bride and groom rode in to their wedding day in style! NYNJ Photography weaved their love story together with the sweetest voice over to tell a perfect fairytale. I also cannot get over the bride and groom's outfits. They really did look like royalty! Now if only you could wear that everyday.

Must See Moments:

  • Gorgeous outdoor scenery in the gardens

  • Beautiful wedding day Ensembles

  • The bride's STUNNING makeup and nails!

  • The groom's entrance via helicopter!

  • The bride's stylish ceremony entrance too

  • Samantha's sweet words to her groom


Golden Love - Royal Wedding of Anand & Samantha from NYNJ Photography on Vimeo.

New Jersey Guyanese Wedding by NYNJ Photography

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