Thailand Sikh Indian Wedding Video by Singhunit

We're going all the way to Thailand for the wedding of the century shot in 4k by Singhunit. Today's bride and groom danced their wedding events away with friends, family and impeccable décor! The couple was married in a beautiful Anand Karaj Sikh ceremony in a Gurdwara.

Singhunit did a beautiful job filming this Indian wedding. They captured the emotions impeccably and the Thailand scenery can not be beat!

Must See Moments:

  • Love the #GuluHarsh hashtag action!

  • The gorgeous gurdwara- the ceilings are amazing!!

  • The bride and groom's dance moves!!

  • Love the bride and groom giggling during their Anand Karaj

  • The bride's earrings at her Mehndi

  • The groom placing the ring on his wife's hand with the amazing décor in the background!

Thailand Sikh Indian Wedding Video by Singhunit

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