Indian Wedding Elopement Video in St. Lucia by Pacific Pictures

I am so excited to share today's CineMonday with you mostly because we have been following this couple's journey from start to finish, and their wedding is beyond anything I could have imagined. Bansi and Edward, whom you might remember from their Tiffany's themed engagement party or their Mr. and Mrs. Smith Save the Date announcement decided to do the most romantic thing of all time and run away to St. Lucia for a private wedding ceremony!

Pacific Pictures did such a great job documenting the couple's private ceremony. From capturing the breath taking scenery, the touching words by the officiant (which were scripted by Pacific Pictures!) and the romance of the whole day, it truly was beautiful. Stay tuned - after the video Bansi shares how the intimate ceremony came to be.

Must See Moments:

  • The beauty that is St. Lucia

  • The couple basking in paradise

  • The ceremony (have you seen a more perfect one?)

  • Edward leaving his bride her flowers and letter

  • The couple reciting their vows

  • Their boat ride

  • Bansi and Edward running freely on the beach and jumping into the water


Bansi & Edward, An Elopement in St. Lucia from Pacific Pictures on Vimeo.

Bansi shares:
"We started wedding planning and soon became overwhelmed with all the intricacies of planning a large Indian wedding.  I have always wanted a very romantic and private ceremony so that my wedding day would be one of the most romantic moments of my life.  Edward & I decided that in lieu of a large wedding and reception, we would do a private ceremony with a reception later on.  We initially wanted our immediate family to come with us. But Edward’s father has not been well and would not have been able to attend. So we thought it would be best if we did not go along with our plans.

Since we had already planned a vacation to St Lucia, Edward decided to surprise me with my lifelong dream of a romantic private ceremony.  He asked Kevin and Susmita to help him make this dream come true!  With Kevin and Susmita's help, all of it was captured so our friends and family could share our wonderful experience. It will now be something that we can share with our kids one day."

Indian Wedding Elopement Video in St. Lucia by Pacific Pictures

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