Shopping for Indian Wedding Jewelry - The Ultimate Guide by Sampat Jewellers

Today’s bride had changed a lot. She is more confident and independent. Jewelry is part of her personality and the way she is perceived by the world. On her wedding day she wants to look gorgeous, at the same time she seeks value in her investments. This article highlights the key things that you must remember while choosing your wedding jewelry.

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1.     Finalize what you are going to wear on the wedding day. 

It would be great to have your wedding outfit ready before you buy jewelry to be a perfect match. If you want to wear big elaborate jewelry, you should have your bridal top made wider neckline so that the jewelry sits well.

2.     Make a list of things you want from your jewelry

Make a list of what you want from your jewelry and things that you really care about:

  • Size of the jewelry

  • Things that you want in your set to include – necklace, nose ring, bangles, armlet, anklets, waistband, head accessories, Rings, toe rings and so on

  • Decide on what your budget

  • Consider different types of jewelry for various pre-wedding and post-wedding events depending on the type and time of the event

3.     Make a note of jewelry you will be wearing for pre-wedding events

Since wedding ceremony is the highlight of all other events, it would be important for you ensure that your wedding jewelry is different and exclusive from what you wear at other events. Following are a few examples that you can choose from: Gold, Pearl, Diamond, Kundan, etc.


4.     Look and make a note of everything you have (including gifts from your parents and friends)

Make sure you know what you already have with you. Traditional heirloom jewelry is a great option and you can rarely go wrong on your wedding day. Not only this jewelry has an emotional factor and an aesthetic feel to it, but it also creates a sense of heritage around the ceremony. Try to modify old classic jewelry by giving it a modern touch to reflect your personality. Changing the color of the stones, or adding a few diamonds and gemstones are different ways in which old jewelry can be given a modern twist without losing its character.

5.     Have a clear idea of the type of jewelry you will wear after your wedding

There are so many brides that buy large bridal sets for their wedding day. And guess what happens next? These sets are mostly in the bank locker for years and never worn on a regular basis.

It would be best if you know the type of jewelry you are most likely to wear after you wedding. For example, ask yourself if you can wear just the earring or just the necklace separately on multiple outfits on several occasions. That’s what you should be looking for.

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences while buying your wedding jewelry. Please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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Jinal Sampat is the owner of Sampat Jewellers. Sampat Jewellers is a Featured Vendor in the Indian Wedding Site Vendor Directory.

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