Fun Dance Floor Ideas for an Indian Wedding Reception

Indian weddings are always fun, exciting, and often innovative with the creative ideas used to liven up the dance floor. The disco ball, bubble and smoke machines are almost standards at these weddings, but have you thought of incorporating these fun items?

  • Find it difficult or uncomfortable to dance in heels? Try these comfy flip flops on for size, and dance the night away.

wedding flip flops


  • Sparklers and glow sticks are always a hit at any event. Some glow sticks can even be transformed into bracelets or necklaces. Make a tunnel of love for the bride and groom to run through.

glow sticks

tunnel of love with glow sticks



  • Heart-shaped glow glasses are a blast too.



  • Tossing around inflatable beach balls can work to get guests up on the dance floor and join in the fun.


  • Now here is a great idea - LED hula hoops or you can wrap plain ones with glow in the dark hula hoop tape = contest time! Even the aunties will want to take part in this game.

led hula hoop    hula-hoop

  • Carnival/Masquerade masks are so much fun. Try and guess who’s who with these fun accessories.


  • Glitter, confetti, silly string or flower petals can be used at the end to send the newlyweds off on their new journey (add confetti /glitter packs to the front of the wedding program).




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