Beauty No-No's for the Desi Bride by Sonia C

Don't even think of getting married before reading Sonia C's list of beauty no-no's for the desi bride!

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1. Colorful stickers are meant for 6 year olds with diaries and coloring books. They should have NO place on your body or your hair, no matter how much money your aunty spent on that package of glittery peacock shapes.

Try: Urban Decay 24-7 colored liners or a touch of glitter liner by Sephora for more presence and fun.



2. Please refrain from over-powdering your face to look like a pancake. Understandably some ladies may tend to be oilier in the skin than others so yes, powder is ok where it's needed.

Try: HD makeup-forever loose setting powder and press into oily areas with a cotton pad.


3. All brides should wear at least a small touch of bronzer or light contouring powder. I'm not talking about a huge contrast in colors, but just enough warmth to show your facial dimensions in a photo.

Try: e.l.f. contouring blush and bronzer powder for light color, or Lorac bronzer for lots of warmth and shine.



4. If you're not a red girl, then you're not a red girl. I've mentioned this in other posts and always tell my brides that red, whether lipstick or clothing, is not for everyone. Don't get suckered into thinking it is the only way to go! Sometimes magenta looks way better on cooler skin tones and still gives a bridal feel.

Try: Funny Face lipstick or Seduction blush by NARS



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Sonia C is an award-winning beauty artist with a client list full of brides and celebrities. She is a brand ambassador for NARS cosmetics in the North East and also works as a corporate creative coordinator for e.l.f. Cosmetics. Her beauty and styling work has been featured in major print and web publications as well as blogs. Inquiries about her work can be made at her website or Facebook Page. Sonia's most recent work can be found on Instagram at Soniacmakeup.

Sonia C. is a Spotlight Vendor in the Indian Wedding Site Vendor Directory.


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