CineMonday: Wedding Extravaganza by Timeless Lens Part One

Today's CineMonday has so many exciting ceremonies and details that we had to spread it over the course of two blog posts! Our couple, Vanisha and Aneesh, had to endure a long uphill battle in order to reach their big day when Aneesh moved across the country to LA from NYC the day after meeting Vanisha! Luckily they were able to make it work and it ended in a truly amazing wedding weekend captured by Timeless Lens.

I love that Timeless Lens opened and closed this first part with the story of Vanisha and Aneesh. For someone who doesn't know the couple, like me, it really made me invested in their love story. Plus it's super cute to hear both sides of the same story!


  • The opening scenes reminiscing how the couple met

  • Vanisha's glamorous wedding lengha- swooning!

  • The bride all smiles getting her mehndi done

  • Vanisha's friends and family applying a turmeric paste (pithi ceremony) on her to cleanse her before the wedding ceremony

  • The italian ice cups handed out to guests during the Grah Satak ceremony


Vanisha & Aneesh's Wedding Film - Part 1 from Timeless Lens on Vimeo.

Stay tuned we have part two coming up later today!

Hair & Makeup by Sonia C Beauty & Styling

CineMonday: Wedding Extravaganza by Timeless Lens Part One

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