Layered Indian Wedding Program Ideas

These days wedding programs are a dime a dozen, and picking out which kind will work best for your Indian wedding can be absolutely overwhelming. That’s why today we’ve decided to highlight some innovative wedding program trends that have hit the ground running in the wedding circuit!

First up: The Layered Wedding Program

Let’s face it, South Asian wedding programs aren’t as cut and dry as some other types of wedding programs are. We not only need to list out the important information and wedding schedules, but then have to further explain what is happening during each part of the ceremony for guests who may not be familiar with Indian customs and traditions. All of that together makes for one long program! That is why I absolutely love the idea of a layered wedding program. This multi-page design is able to accommodate as much or as little text as you need, while still keeping the information organized and visually appealing!

wedding program 1

wedding program 2


Coming up this afternoon, check out pocketed wedding program ideas!


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