JADE by Monica & Karishma Bridal Fashion and Giveaway

If you have not heard of JADE by Monica & Karishma yet, well you are certainly missing out on one of the most innovative and fabulous bridal designer duos. I met with the lovely Monica in New York and talked with her over coffee about JADE and bridal fashion in general. She talks a bit about where Indian bridal fashion is heading, her favorite things and more. Plus, did I mention that JADE is giving away a fabulous lengha to one lucky bride to be?

JADE bridal lengha and jacket

How did you and Karishma get together?
Well we are actually sisters in law and have a family business exporting fabrics for 2 decades to many of the high fashion houses in Italy; once India started doing more high fashion we decided to go domestic.

So that is how JADE came about?
Yes, we wanted to do our own theme and styles with our expertise, we wanted to do go forward and join the Indian market and create our look.

What is the inspiration behind the JADE look?
The modern woman, women in India are not as before in the old times, they are well traveled and educated. They are looking for fun fashion not only traditional pieces and they want to feel beautiful like a princess.

What is your favorite part of the creative process when you are designing?
I think it's two ways. I create something on paper, then I see it but it's a lot of swatching that we do with colors and embroidery. Then you have to turn it and see it created into a beautiful piece.

I saw all of the photos of all the celebrities you have dressed, which one was your favorite to dress?
Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya, Dia Mirza among a few. But my absolute favorites? All my brides are my favorites not only celebs.

So tell me more about your bridal collection -
In the bridal collection is divided Kalash - a traditional Indian symbol, this collection has a lot inspired of gold and metallics; Jewel- perfect for evening light, frosty and embroidered.  Vermillion - beautiful embroidery and lots of traditional motifs lenghas and saris

I know you said that you created JADE because you wanted women to feel beautiful, was this also the inspiration behind the bridal line?
Yes very much, I think the bride wants to look the best in her wedding day. Her natural beautiful glow and shine is already there and we just want to really enhance that with our outfits.

What sets Jade apart from other bridal lines?
In many ways we are similar but what sets us apart is we have a lot of young and fun stuff. At the same we make them look like modern princesses. Our outfits can be worn many different ways to western weddings, jeans, lots of bright colors.

Do you feel brides in India are still very traditional or are they leaning towards a modern look?
I think there's definitely a market for both. They still want some of the heavily embroidered and traditional pieces but they also want lighter and more versatile clothing.

Most popular bridal color?
Pink, red and coral. Well actually deeper blues do really well and peacock blues. Brides do better with warmer colors as they look more flattering on most Indian skin tones.

Where do you see the Indian bridal fashion going in trends?
It is shifting for a fun and younger feel instead of just traditional feel. In terms of fabrics lighter fabric in silk, net and khadi with a more contemporary cut; it's not just about bling but more contemporary with different textures and layers.

Which trends are you not too crazy about?
Too much blingy stuff overdone with too many crystals and too many concepts happening. I like my pieces to look more simple clean and beautiful. Elegant and classy, less is more, something that becomes you. A beautiful well made piece that you can pass along to your kids, with great craftsmanship, that is timeless.

Most important piece of advice give a bride shopping for her dream dress?
I think she should wear the most comfortable piece that she feels the most beautiful in. Choosing her wedding dress is highly personal decision that she should make; for every bride that piece is different.

When you were married who designer your dress?
Ha, ha I didn't have Jade at the time. I just went to a local boutique, no designer. I would have loved to wear Jade.

Would you have done something different?
Yes, definitely. I would have picked a very simple choli but that is my personality.

Your favorite part of weddings?
The entire ceremony, it is beautiful. The meaning of the rituals, the way the brides look, just everything is beautiful about it.

Are we going to see more of JADE in the U.S. soon?
Yes, very much. We are working with a few boutiques who will be carrying JADE soon. Soon we will be selling select pieces online and once brides have seen our stuff and how great the quality is, they will certainly feel confident ordering online as well.

Are you wanting a piece from JADE all for yourself?  JADE by Monica and Karishma are helping us celebrate our website relaunch and they are giving away a gorgeous saffron lengha with classic embroidery and a textured gold and pink choli, valued at $1,870 to one lucky bride-to-be. Simply tell us your engagement story and we will select our favorite one to win this beauty. Click on this link to enter and if you are not following Indian Wedding Site and JADE on Facebook yet, now is the perfect time.

JADE by Monica & Karishma Lehenga


JADE by Monica & Karishma Bridal Fashion and Giveaway

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