Sexy South Indian Bride Hair and Makeup Shoot - 3

Yesterday we brought you two gorgeous bridal looks from MG Beauty Enhancement's bridal photo shoot, and today we're back to bring you two more! For the third look, MG Beauty Enhancement created a traditional South Indian bridal look that will leave you speechless. Dressed in a red and gold sari, the bride is covered from head to toe in red and gold jewelry. Wearing a long pendant necklace with matching dangling earrings, nose ring, arm cuff, and bracelet that connects to her rings, this bride was beyond glamorous.

For the bride's hair and makeup, MG Beauty Enhancement outdid herself with full matching jeweled embellishments and tons of fresh flowers placed in a circular pattern around the model's head. I love the subtle jewels placed at the corner of the bride's eyes with the matching red and gold eyeshadow and dark red lips!

I don't think we've seen a sexier look for a South Indian wedding! The final Indian bridal look is up next!

Hair & Makeup - MG Beauty Enhancement / Jewelry - Maya's Boutique / Photography - EM Photography

Sexy South Indian Bride Hair and Makeup Shoot - 3

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