Peacock Trend: Indian Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

One of my favorite trends of the past year has been the incorporation of peacock colors and feathers in bouquets. Did you know that the peacock is a male bird and the feathers of a peacock are actually brown in color and it is due to the reflection of light that these feathers look colorful? Peacocks also have a significant need for companionship, therefore, it's fitting to use the inspiration of a peacock for your wedding bouquet. Consider using simple, elegant flowers with peacock feathers for a simple bouquet!

Below you'll find some inspiration to help you incorporate these gorgeous jewel tones and textured feathers from this radiant bird. Just make sure to keep it classy, you don't want this trend to be extinct!

Gorgeous white calla lilies paired with blue and green peacock feathers from

Ravishing hues of purples and greens for a winter wedding, by

Colorful bouquet made out of silk flowers on!

Something for your bridal party, inspiration found on

If you're going for the bold look- here's a twist on the traditional white bouquet filled with blue and purple orchids and peacock feathers found on

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Peacock Trend: Indian Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

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