Indian Wedding Color Inspiration - Watercolour Palette

Inspiration can come from the most unusual places at times.  Whilst steeping a cup of herbal antioxidant tea (have to keep my skin in top shape) I noticed the water acquiring a beautiful raspberry pink tint.  The wheels in my head started turning and I thought: "Where else I have seen this brilliant transparent hue? Oh yes, watercolours."

A wonderful thing about watercolours is that although they are quite bright, they are always translucent, allowing light in all the right places.  You can incorporate a beautiful palette of translucent colors for your wedding. Take a look at the colors on the Indian bride illustration, they are bold and translucent.  Here, I ran with the idea of a sunny early summer day but you can use any colors you prefer for your wedding. The idea is to bring light and translucent colors through sheer material: tinted glass such as Moroccan lanterns, overlaying sheer fabrics and textures and adding tonal shades loosely blended into one another. Have fun!

There's more Indian wedding color inspiration waiting for you here.
Top: photo by Farnaz K Studio / Indian bride watercolour by Cate Parr / table setting Martha Stewart Weddings Bottom: glass votives HivingOut / watercolour cake GreenWeddingShoes / saree Satya Paul

Indian Wedding Color Inspiration - Watercolour Palette

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