Hindu Wedding Film in Jaipur by Colorblind Production

Today's CineMonday feature is guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes and put a smile on your face. We are taking you to Jaipur, India for Kritika & Jaimini's fairytale wedding. Covering this grand wedding was no small feat but Colorblind Production captured the very essence of all the wedding celebrations and made me feel like I was there celebrating along. The wedding venue in a palace of the Pink City of Jaipur was completely amazing but once I saw all the details, I was blown away. I'll let the preview show you more:

Kritika and Gemini | Jaipur India from Colorblind Production on Vimeo.

Did you love that little sneak peek? Well here's a lot more to capture your imagination.  I was utterly fascinated by all the small and large details alike. This is the first time I have seen a pink palace, elephants and fireworks all in one wedding.

From Colorblind Production: "Kritika & Jaimini's wedding story is no less than a fairytale. They had been childhood sweethearts and their love saw them grown together. From the initial steps to the very step, the decision took time, but when they did it, they did it in a grandeur. It was much an amusement, like a dream wedding. Having belonged to Marwadi Families, they planned their wedding in the Pink city of Jaipur(Rajasthan). In a palace like venue, spreaded to acres, with elephant polo's royalty, and local music purifying the atmosphere. We were pleased to have covered their wedding's grandness, in the royalty of Rajasthan, and essence of their very own culture."


  • The bride's intricate mehndi

  • The wedding party showcasing a choreographed dance

  • The guests arriving in a caravan of elephants and camels

  • An intricate mandap with crystals galore

  • A beautiful view of the Pink City venue at night

  • A firework display!

Kritika & Jaimini from Colorblind Production on Vimeo.

India - Indian Wedding Vendors: Cinematography – Colorblind Production

Hindu Wedding Film in Jaipur by Colorblind Production

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