Packing Tips For A Destination Wedding

If a destination wedding is on your calendar, we’re sure you aren’t dreaming about couture as much as, well, the destination. You probably have an itinerary in hand, and having everything pre-planned only feeds one’s wanderlust. So while you dream about glitzy evening soirees, and snorkelling in the azure waters of Cancun or elsewhere, we present to you the ultimate packing to-dos in this simple list. Remember to carry:

All Important Documents
Have a checklist of all the documents you could need- your passport, identity cards, credit cards, birth certificates etc. to avoid running into any kind of trouble. Double check just before you leave- leaving an important document behind can be a total spoiler!
Couture, Couture, Couture!
Make sure you have all your ceremony outfits planned out well in time. Get your local tailor to tweak your clothes to perfection to avoid any last minute jitters. If needed, do a run through of all your outfits so you’re sure of exactly what accessories you need to pack with each one. Confused about packing apparel for the destination wedding? Well, have a look:

  • Sarees: Sheer, net and silks are your best friends if the wedding is indoors. But those who want to wear a saree on a beach wedding should strictly opt for cotton and georgette materials. Choose flowy fabrics with bold motifs.

  • Salwar Kameez: Anarkalis are the way to go these days. But make sure you always pack in an extra patiala salwar set for a last minute puja or an informal function. 

  • Traditional Gown:  For a sangeet or cocktail function, opt for a traditional gown. Choose a hippie style glam gown that would be light to pack and carry along. 

  • Western Clothes: Packing 2-3 extra short dresses other than the events you have packed for wouldn’t do any harm. A maxi gown should also be included in your luggage. 

  • Swimsuits: Ideally, you shouldn’t carry more than three. Experiment with colors and cuts so you aren’t a victim of lack of variety.

  • Coverups: Kaftans and flowy shrugs are beach favourites. It’s a better idea to carry versatile colours that can be paired with other outfits for casual outings. 

Do Remember to Carry: 

  • A Garment Steamer: A tiny, portable garment steamer is a vacation’s best friend. It’ll save you time, money and is super convenient to use.

  • Quirky Accessories: Belts and waistcoasts should be matched with your outfits and kept along with them. Other than that, carry stylish jackets and other quirky accessories to match with your couture. 

  • Hat and sunglasses in 2-3 colors should be packed for unwinding in the sun. 

  • Bags: You cannot carry a lot of bags along with you as that will consume most of the luggage space. So opt for one tote bag for carrying all essentials. Other than that, pack a clutch (probably gold or silver color) that'll go with almost all the looks, and may be a different clutch for the main occasion. 

  • Shoes
    Carry shoes to match the dress. Heels would probably be fine for occasions where you plan on wearing ghaghras and sarees. Otherwise, you may also keep a pair of indian juttis and platforms for occasions like cocktail, sangeet and mehendi. 

Sports Gear
If you’re going to be at a beach wedding, chances are, some really cool activities would be planned out for you. Have a close look at your itinerary and pack according to what you might need- waterproof sneakers and swimsuits might be absolute musts for a wedding in Cancun!Sports GearSource
Make-up and Toiletries
You know you’re going at be spending a lot of time at the beach?
Daily Essentials: You just cannot forget packing your toothbrush and hairbrush.
Styling Essentials: A girl has her own set of gadgets. Two of the main gadgets you just can't do without are hair straightner and a curler. Pack in the sleek machines.
Beauty EssentialsDon’t forget that sunscreen! Your accessories, toiletries and medicines need a lot of attention- imagine not having access at all to that moisturizer that suits your sensitive skin!
Cosmetics: A girl just can't do without her eye liner and liper. Make sure you keep a separate pouch for your beauty essentials and pack in your mascara, eye shadows, kajal, lipsticks, balm,etc.
Medicines: While you probably can get medicines and toiletries almost anywhere in the world, it’s obviously more convenient to carry your own. Antacids, painkillers, wet tissues, and sanitary napkins must not be missed.
Remember to spend adequate time planning and packing your extras- they can make or break your day!MakeupSource
A Few Things To Remember:

  • Carrying way too much jewellery can have you stuck up at the airport. Try opting for light stuff, or try artificial jewellery- the last thing you want is to be spending hours at customs’, explaining yourself.

  • Buy extra luggage space beforehand, if you think you might need some. It can save you from spending a bomb at the check in.

  • The most basic yet the most important thing that most people forget to pack for destination weddings is chargers. DON'T forget to keep your charger otherwise you'll not be able to take unlimited selfies. 


Looking for some destination wedding packing tips? We've got a checklist for you!


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