CineMonday: Cutest Gulabo LipDub By Dipak Studios Wedding Photography

The amount of fun those starring in the video are having can’t possibly be put into words, but this is definitely THE lip dub to look out for! The catchy song 'GULABO' coupled with those pretty faces make us want to shake a leg. Every single person in every frame is smiling from the recesses of their heart, and the bride and groom are clearly making an effort to involve their relatives and friends, while being avid with their own moves. The enthusiasm of the people in the video is just contagious. 

What’s really eye-catching is how the couple’s family seem to have flown from across the world to spend time with them, and their zest for the couple’s wedding comes across clearly through the video.

Highlights of the video:

. All the dance sequences seem to have been inspired from filmy weddings. We love how everyone's matching steps with each other and the dance sequences look larger than life.

2. 1:29 our bride and groom are totally nailing it with their classic moves!

3. 2:36 what are Indian weddings without a few paitala pegs and vodka shots? Guests are having all the fun in this super gorgeous wedding.

4. 3:01 LOVE LOVE LOVE this step!

5. 3:13 these two pretties are surely show stealers!

Kudos to Dipak Studios Photography for having done a great job with filming and editing the video. 

Gulabo Lipbub by Dipak Studios Photography from on Vimeo.

Today's Cinemonday is all about filmy Indian weddings and larger than life dance sequences. Checkout this smashing LIPDUB.

LipDub Gulabo

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